Monday, 7 May 2012

Lavender, lovely lavender...oh how fragrant you are!

Lavender is blooming in my garden!!! 
And bursting with fragrance coming from both the flowers and leaves!

I noticed that the flowers are very tiny and pale lilac in color, unlike the ones I always see. It was a good thing that I checked with Autumn Belle about it. Seems that this is not the usual lavender found in cooler countries. And it can't stand direct sun too. 

Lavender is definitely not our native plant. If anyone know anything about this species, please do inform me.

There are 5 buds altogether but only 3 have bloomed. This morning the weather was good for photography. Although the color of the lavender seems pale, it turned out well against my white walls.

Bud 1

Bud 2

Bud 3

3 buds against the basil plant

View from top..too pale to see I wish I have a better camera.

Updates as at 12 May 2012
Somehow the houris and Autumn Belle got into talking again about this flower and they both doubt that this flower is lavender at all. Strange enough, it smells so much of lavender but it doesn't look like it and doesn't behave like it too. And this plant doesn't grow upright either. Instead it is sprawling over the pot. Autumn Belle has the same plant but it is not flowering yet. Can't wait to compare with hers. Has anyone came across this flower?

Updates as at 20 May 2012
The Houris made an attempt to put the lavender under direct sun today, just to get the plant familiar with the local hot and humid weather. Will be monitoring its progress daily. Managed to get in touch with Autumn Belle today. Her lavender didn't survive. Feel sorry for her.


  1. The lavender flowers are really special, aren't they? You are so lucky and I am so jealous!

    1. Haha, no need for jealousy :) Your lavender will bloom soon, I'm sure. Do you actually know which species this belong to? I tried to look it up but no info yet.

    2. Ash, I've been thinking of your lavender flowers. Are you sure this is not rosemary flowers? Although I have not seen rosemary flowers, the lavender flowers I have seen before don't look like this. You can google search the images.

      At a glance, the lavender plant looks quite similar to the rosemary.

      One clue, (hopefully you are not sensitive to scents). Try smelling the leaves of the plant. The scent of lavender, like perfume/aromatic oils is different from the scent of rosemary, like herbs in western dishes.

  2. Ms Belle, believe me la. I also don't think this is lavender at all! However, the smell of lavender is there. Very strong indeed. And definitely not rosemary too. I'm quite familiar with rosemary. Moreover, the flowers for rosemary bloom from the stem, same spot as the leaves.
    I hope to see yours bloom so we can compare. If you can, try to call the owner for clarification. He never smile to me so I dare not call him..haha :D

  3. My lavender is in bloom too, don't you just love that fabulous fragrance?

    1. Immensely breathtaking :) Say Robin..have you seen this version of lavender? It sure look different from the usual ones with long stalks of lavender flowers to it.
      Great to be 'seeing' you again. Thanks for coming :)

  4. Ash, just to let you know, I've been thinking about your lavender plant lately. I have just bought 2 lavendulas, one for me and one for my sister! Hopefully the flowers will come one day.

    I am so sorry about the earlier blunder. Actually I believe you 100%. I wanted you to smell the fragrance. Since it does smell like lavender, then it is LAVENDER! As we know, lavender and rosemary smells very different from each other. Please pardon me because I have never seen real lavender flowers before :P

    1. No need for apology Ms Belle ;)
      Where did you buy them?
      Not Delima Tani again..
      I would love to have a pot because mine KO!


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