Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Twinkle "Star"

How this beauty is called,
"Egyptian Star Cluster",
I have no idea.

Locally known as "Pentas",
This tiny cluster of flowers make never-ending beauty in any garden.

Just look at the buds below,
Doesn't it look like a petite floral arrangement,
Complete with lovely foliage?
Furry alright and deeply veined....yet beautiful.

This shocking pink beauty is among its bold color collection.
Pentas is known for its gorgeous pastel colors.
Sad to say, I have none of them :(

I just love this stage where the buds emerged into flowers,
As shown below.
Maybe this is the reason they are called "star".
We all know that stars don't twinkle simultaneously.
But, one at a time.
(Hahaha..me and my lame analogy, lol!!)

This bold red color with violet center,
Has been in my garden for a year now.
And I'm still loving it!

Truly a timeless beauty,
It will grace any garden at any time beautifully,
Be it in pots or spread generously over the ground :)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sun Shiny Day..

I went out looking for Daisy,
But end up meeting cousin Chris.

a.k.a. "Chrysanthemums"

Looking pretty much like a sunflower.
I thought they look gorgeous!! 

Somehow this also reminds me so much of Black Eyed Susan.
Except that it is not black.

How these tiny petals grow into buttons amazes me.
And they are Chrysanthemums too.

Fancy seeing a field of yellow buttons in your garden?
Spectacular, isn't it.

Never knew this flower comes in so many shapes and sizes.
Not to mention the many exciting colors!

The ones in yellow is all they can spare me.
Which I say is..
Simply beautiful :)

Friday, 15 February 2013

Last but (surely) not Least

This is it!
The last of hydrangea blooms in my garden.
And I have truly enjoyed watching them for one whole month.

Here in intense pink.

Smallest bunch looking so demure in pastel pink.

This subtle blue is forever calming to my eyes..
Sure gonna miss having this color gracing my garden.

Blooms in shocking pink due to the intense heat.

Ever since I brought it home, the weather had been extremely hot.
Had to water it more than twice daily.
It was worth it I guess looking at how beautiful the color intensifies.

Pretty in pale light blue
Forever my favorite color :)

Without a doubt, I will definitely miss this flower very much.
Will it be able to produce new blooms in the near future..
Remains to be seen.

I did my best to expose it gradually to the morning sun
To acclimatize it to our local weather.
Well, that's all I can do, right?

Anyway, it has been a great pleasure looking after it :)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Lady in Red

"Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana"
or simply called Kalanchoe
in 3 irresistible shades of red..

Multiple petaled in mauve red

Single-petaled in chilly red

Doubled-petaled in pinkish red

Never knew kalanchoes come in such irresistible colors.
And never knew kalanchoes belong to the succulents family.
Which is good news for me as there is less watering to do.
And more time to feast in its beauty.

Love these tiny rosettes. 
A good replacement for the roses that failed to make it in my garden..lol!

The buds are simply gorgeous too.

This one is shaped like tiny buttercups

And here is a double-petaled of the above tiny buttercups in pinkish red.

Not sure how long I can have these beauties in my garden..
I was never good in handling succulents before.
Over-watering...., what else.
Need all the luck I can get :)