Thursday, 25 April 2013

"Ballerina Girl"

Meet my lovely ballerinas.
Standing graciously side by side in their pinkish tulle ballerina skirt.

Ever ready to perform a magnificent show together.
No wonder they are called the "Flamingo Lily".
Love its large dark green heart shaped leaves 

Its flower in pinkish white color is unique.
A welcoming departure from the regular red or white blooms.
This flower  is also known as "boy flower" because of its shape. 
And we can see clearly the reason why...
(no need for further explanation)

When NASA listed this plant as natural air purifiers inside our homes,
I do not hesitate to have one.
Although a lot has been said about it being prone to pest attacks.

Well, we shall see about that, won't we?
Here's to a beautiful weekend ahead :)

Monday, 15 April 2013

Platycodon Grandiflorus

Fancy seeing hot air balloons in your garden?!

This "Sentimental Blue" Japanese Bellflowers as it is commonly known, 
captured my heart when I walked into the nursery.
And I knew instantly that I gotta have it!!

Revealing another 'balloon' inside as it slowly puffs out its first layer of petals.
And taking its time to open the rest of it.

Just love its lavender blue color.

And bell shaped flowers fit for fairies :)

Tolerates both sun and shade.

This beauty is definitely for keeps.
In any garden.

Have a good week everyone.
Take care :)

Friday, 5 April 2013

"You're just too good to be true.."

A year...
Which is 365 days.
That is how long I've waited
For this Aussie lass to make her debut appearance.
The Aussie Pink Plumeria.

When I first saw these emerging buds,
One beautiful morning last week,
 I can't believe my eyes.

I thought to myself with a smile,
My prayers are answered.

The very hot weather we have been getting of late,
Coupled with rain, and I mean plenty of rain.!!
This Aussie lass couldn't resist it any longer.

The tangerine fragrance which is released at night,
Or after showers like this is intense.
Simply love it :)

Like a twirled pinwheel,
The orange center is the source for the
Tangerine scent, I think.

Commonly known also as Fairy Wings and Coral Sea,
This flower will appear as a huge cluster,
When all the buds are in full bloom,
Which in this case will take a couple of days more.

Can't wait to pick freshly fallen bloom and float them in a bath,
For that relaxing feeling of a tropical spa retreat,
Right here in my home :)

Thank you God!
Patience has its virtues,
Have a lovely weekend :)