Monday, 11 June 2012

Flowering "Euodia Ridleyi"

Foliage which resembles Euodia Ridleyi, and with tiny white flowers all over. Could it be the flowering version of Euodia Ridleyi?

This is something new for me. According to Angie of I-Vision Nursery in Tropicana, it is so much alike but this species is from South Africa. I've been browsing through the internet but can't find anything on this. Does anyone know?

As mentioned by Autumn Belle, Euodia Ridleyi is our native plant and it is so called after Mr Henry Nicholas Ridley, the English botanist and geologist, who was responsible for establishing the rubber industry in the then Malaya Peninsula (now known as Malaysia).

Tiny white flowers at the left hand corner while the rest have wilted and turned brown.

View from the top

Commonly known as Evodia, this is the said Euodia Ridleyi, ..see the similarities in foliage?

I really love this plant. Truly awesome foliage. This is the only memory I have now of this true beauty because the pests destroyed all of its lovely foliage overnight.

You can see the tiny white flowers better in the above. And what do you know, the flowers have faint smell of 'pandan' leaves!

This picture was taken a day after and has more new white flowers blooming among those wilted ones.

Aaahh, last but not least, the flower pot.... I couldn't resist its simplicity and the 'black and white' combination :)
Cost RM18. Pretty neat eh?

Thanks for dropping by :)

Monday, 4 June 2012

Yellow Iris and Purple Shamrock

At last..! My yellow iris is making its debut appearance in my garden, after 6 long months of waiting..
Thank God for that :)
I almost gave up on this plant. Glad I didn't. The flowers are so beautiful.

This is how it looked like on the first day.
It opened during the day and closed towards the evening. That was it. Dropped dead the next day.

Also known as the "Walking Iris" due to the bending over of the flowering stalks to the ground and take root from there. The iris appears to be "walking" as it propagates. A spectacular view once it fills the garden with graceful foliage and flowers. Since I'm planting them in a broad base round pot, I hope to see it do the  walking :)

Then comes the second bloom the very next day.
This photo was taken when the iris was curling up, retiring for the evening before dropping dead. Very short life, just for a day.

Here's also flowers which bloom everyday from my purple shamrock plant. Simply lovely flowers with lilac touch to it.

Commonly known as the 'Butterfly Plant' due to the shape of the leaves.

The Purple Shamrock plant

These flowers open during the day when the heat was intense and close up in the evening. The cycle repeats the next day on the same flower for a couple more days, unlike the yellow iris above which lasted only one day.

God works in mysterious ways, they true :)

Scientific name is Oxalis Triangularis

See also my earlier write-up on purple foliage plants :)