Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Show is Over..

"Why, oh Why.."
I was asking this to myself..
My garden got infested, again!!
And this time it was horrible.

It went on a large scale that 
Many of my plants died :(
All my lovely and scented plants gone.
Boo hoo hoo , sob sob.

I'm thinking of giving up gardening altogether.
But it breaks my heart to do so.
As I love gardening so much..

What do I do?
I have been quiet because 
I have not come up with the best decision.

I've salvaged whatever I could..
Quarantined and ICU
Just hope they survive.

I'm missing all you guys very much
My dearest blogger friends.
I just couldn't see myself walking into any nursery
At this moment.
However, I hope to be with you guys again, soon!
If I ever get to sort out this mess.

Care to give a few words of advice?
I appreciate them.

Take care..