Friday, 12 July 2013


For those who are familiar with bromeliads will understand the title of this post.
I was never a fan of "Brom" as it is known in short.
But when I laid eyes on this one,
it captured my heart.
Those tiny white flowers against the chocolate brown and zebra-like gray stripe
is breathtakingly beautiful.

This one is called Earth Star Bromeliads.
Okay, this may sound funny to you but 
when I looked at this plant for the first time,
they gave me goosebumps..LOL!

But after looking at the variety of broms available in the market,
this spectacular species turns out to be unique in terms of color and design!
It is one of a kind.
Well, what do you know :)

Coming from the pineapple family, this foliage is charmingly variegated.
As much as I love eating pineapple, 
Never thought its leaves are cultivated in many ways.

Here is a pup or baby brom.
Which I found underneath those broad leathery foliage.
As strikingly beautiful as the mother,
the pup stays on for a couple of months before getting detached,
to continue on its own life journey.

Check out this "starfish" as a whole.
It is broad alright..
It takes up the space of my garden stool!

Such a friendly plant,
If you keep your distance :)
The edge of the leaves are thorny

Scientifically, this species are known as "Cryptanthus Fosteriana".
As they like humid airy environment,
I'm keeping it as a houseplant,
And as a decor for my living room :)

Friday, 5 July 2013

I'm moving on..and lovin' it!

Hello everyone,
I'm baaacckk!!
Sure feels great to be blogging again :)

And thanks to this gorgeous flowers,
For they are the reason I'm blogging again..
As I couldn't resist sharing them with you!

Called the "Yellow-veined Eranthemum"
Aren't they lovely?

The contrasting color combo is strikingly awesome.
Drops of purplish-pink spots against pure white petals.
A definite head turner to anyone seeing it for the first time!

Just love how mother nature gave it a "dripping paint" look. 
It's as if the fairies just shoved their heavy wet brushes into the flower 
and let the wet paint dripped down to the petals below,
forming scattered dots pattern :)

This is the closest I could get but look who's stealing the show.
Many colorful butterflies were hovering while I took the pictures,
But this moth gets to be the lucky one. 

This is the first time for me to be seeing yellow veins on leaves.
Just look at these leaves,
very very nice indeed, yeah?

All pictures are taken from the courtyard of my condo,
where they are planted as borders there.
So you can imagine how pretty they look in rows.

I will be going to nurseries soon.
Hope to post pretty pictures from my garden then.
Till then, take care.

Happy 4th of July to all Americans :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone!