Thursday, 15 November 2012

Ruellia Brittoniana

"Ruellia Brittoniana"...
What a lovely name.
And why not..
It is after all, a lovely flower..

Commonly known as the Dwarf Mexican Petunia.

This plant is known to tolerate heat and drought.
Yet it bears bigger and brighter blooms under shade.

Comes in three colors viz. white, pink and purple.
I was told that white color is rare around here.
I guess I was lucky to get hold of it :)

The flower buds which comes in a bunch are attached to the stem.
And at that same point grows the thin and long sword-shaped leaves.

This is one of the most fragile flower I've known.
Its ultra thin and soft petals feel like Kleenex rolls.

I love to see these flowers competing with each other just to be seen!
With so many buds bunched together there,
It is fun to see which one gets the first peek and attention :)

Love the stem!
It reminds me so much of a palm tree trunk...
In a miniature form.
Those marks are actually the part of the leaves and flowers which have withered and fell. is the lovely part.
From pure white the flower gradually changes to pale peach color as it withers..
All in one day!

Before it entangles itself..
Such magnificence from a tiny plant!

This plant is an evergreen perennial.
And with so many buds in various blooming stage,
It gives a succession of new blooms everyday :)

Before I sign off, my thoughts are with my friends living in Italy right now.
Especially those who are affected with the floods yesterday.
We are experiencing peculiar weather everywhere.
Stay safe.. 


  1. Ash, this nice plant reminds me petunia as the flower and a palm as the trunk. You write it's fragile and changes its color so it's unique.

    1. It is unique because of the white color.
      So you can see the change in color.
      Which is very beautiful!
      I wish I could sit all day looking at it,
      But I don't have the time :)

      Take care Nadezda.
      Have a good weekend!

  2. Hello Ash, I love this plant's latin name, it brings to mind the image of a classy, elderly woman. The petals and colour of this flower would be the edging on her lacy ruffled blouse :) Any plant that blooms so furiously AND is heat and drought resistant is a real gem!

    1. Your imagination is making me see that woman too.
      The bourgeois type in classical english!
      I'm loving this plant so much.
      Just watching it gives me a sense of happiness.
      I think it's in the white color :)

      Take care Rosemary.
      Have a great weekend!

  3. A very beautiful flower and I see the similarity to the petunia. Thanks for your thoughts for those suffering from the flooding here in Italy. Maybe you saw the photos I posted on my Facebook page.

    1. Thank God you are not affected by the flooding, Lindy.
      I was thinking of you and your farm.
      Yes, your updates in Facebook is my 'window' into Italy!
      I hope you will be win the award for your blog.
      You have been very resourceful :)

      Take care Lindy.
      Have a great weekend!

  4. It is very beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you Cinza!

      Take care.
      Have a good weekend :)


Thanks for your lovely words...