Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Continuation..Medinilla Astronioides

If this is your first visit to my blog, you may want to see this before you continue reading this post.
As for the rest who have been waiting anxiously... lets move on!
Picking up from where we left, the 'Christmas tree' continued growing...

The pink color intensifies with each passing day and red ants were clambering all over the buds.
Could it be sweet?
Maybe not...
I know red ants have 'unthinkable' and unimaginable palate,
They eat anything including clothes!

Oooppss..the first peek!
Can you see it?
Only one bud..lazily opening up its petals.

Suddenly the next day...walla!
5 buds bloomed!!..
Much to my surprise!
And what a lovely surprise it was...

Just look at it...
Those tiny fingers or stamen in purple and yellow is spectacular!


The peculiar thing is that, there's only one bloom from the cluster of buds.
Obviously, the rest look immature and not the right time to bloom, yet.

This is how the blooms look like today..
After patiently waiting and observing for about a week..
Just one bloom from each cluster.

This may sound funny but..
Could it be the buds refused to open just because they are being watched? LOL!
I was told that plants have 'feelings'..
Or maybe this is the way Mother Nature wants them to be :)

Either way, this is a unique sets of flowers.
And I am intrigued and excited with each blooming stage.
And you know what?
I was told the flower looks more fascinating when they are dying...
Really? We shall see about that :)

Have a great weekend everyone!
And thanks for being together with me in this 'journey' :)


  1. Each stage so far has been delightful. Interesting that only one flower from each stem has opened (so far). Will be fun to see what happens next.

    1. So glad that you are enjoying this adventure as much as I do :)
      Hopefully there is still bit of surprise in store!
      We will see...

      Have a good weekend ;)

  2. Ash, the last post you showed the photos of growing buds and I thought they look like grapes. But now ...WOW!The colors of pink, yellow and green ornamental leaves. They are stunning!

    1. The grapes have transformed! Much to my awe too, Nadezda!
      I never expect to see those stunning colors myself.
      You know what they say,
      "big surprise comes in little packages" so true :)

      Enjoy your weekend :)

  3. Avesome flower and image, Ash!

    Have a nice weekend. :-) Dorthe

    1. It is an awesome flower Dorthe.
      One of a kind!
      Thanks for your kind words :)
      Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I am really liking this flower, so pearly as a bud, then slowly it opens only a few, so you have a chance to stop and admire and get ready for the full "show!" Can't wait for the next photos :)

    1. Hey..don't put your hopes too high ok.
      The rest may not open as we expect.
      Just keep your fingers crossed for the next show :)
      Anyway this has been the most magnificent flower ever for me.
      Enjoy your weekend!

    2. I never have big expectations when it comes to my plants. I love whatever they decide to give me, and if I don't - I throw them out! I'm what you call a mean gardener :)

    3. Hey! That is mean gurl! :)
      If that's the case, I'm considered mean too..LOL!!
      I'm currently giving a 'facelift' to my garden,
      which means I have to throw out those complacent ones!
      Can't help it.

  5. This flower is wonderful! And I like very much your photos!

    1. Hi Cinzia!
      Thank you. It is a wonderful flower :)
      Have a good week.

  6. You have this pale pink flower variety, a shade I like very much. Mine is darker pink. I also like the way the branches grow like at right angles or slanted/horizontal. The leaves are pretty too.

    1. They have variety of pink?! I didn't know that.
      I guess I'm lucky to walk away with this color, I love it so much!!
      I'm crazy over this plant Ms Belle.
      I even wrote a post just on its leaves!
      Please see
      You may have missed it probably because you have been busy :)

  7. Fotos de flores bellisimas!!!


    1. Muchos gracias :)
      You have a good weekend, ok!



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