Monday, 10 February 2014

White "Senduduk"

The intense white in this flower..

is a perfect reflection of
innocence and purity,

this "White Senduduk" as it is locally known,
had me mesmerised
throughout my visit at the Secret Garden!

With its unique flower pods..
and dark green foliage,

this wild flower is here to stay!

Unmistakably beautiful..
in any garden!


  1. Very beautiful, as you said a reflection of innocence and purity. It is said white senduduk's flower can cure prolonged coughs.....

    1. Salam Bangchik!
      I read about that also and a host of other cure for women's sickness too. Not bad eh?

  2. Hello Ash!
    I found your comment on my blog quite funny!
    When I saw the buzzard fanning its tails like I had a good laugh too, once the pic was in the 'box'!
    You flowers are gorgeous, how I'd love to come and discover them... soon!
    Keep well!

    1. Hello Noushka! Welcome to my blog. It's nice to see you here :)
      You don't took me quite a while to figure out what 'that' was and when I realized what I'm looking at, I had to laugh out loud :D
      Your photography are gorgeous and superb!
      Oh my, do come over here, welcome!!! You will have a wonderful time for sure! Take care :)

  3. I have the purple type, tibouchina in my garden but not the white.

    1. You know, what I notice about flowers from this plant be it in white or purple, is the intensity of its color. I find the purple color strikingly gorgeous! And you have this in your garden? I envy you :)


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