Monday, 24 February 2014

Growing Tomato Cherry : Seedlings

Choose seeds from a ripe tomato.
I took 10 seeds at random.
How to tell if they are good seeds?
Can't really tell.

I recycled my old egg cartons 
into tiny green houses!
Cute eh :) 

Slit the bottom of the carton with a sharp kitchen knife for aeration.
Pour enough soil in them and water gently.
 Place the seed in the middle.
Cover the seed with some soil and
let the show begins!

The next two days this tiny white 'heads' popped out.

All 10 seeds finally germinated over a stretch of 3 days.
You can see below the different rate of growth 
for each seed by their height.

In this experiment only one champion emerged.
The rest were too weak.

And here it is..

Since this is the only one with potential of becoming a good seedling,
it needs more room for better growth.

I recycled a 500ml mineral water bottle as its new home.
Cut the bottle into half and use only its base. 
Many small slits were made for aeration. 

With more soil for its tap root to reach out
and gradual exposure to full sun,
in 2 weeks 
without a doubt..

A Star Is Born! :)

Please note: 
I use liquid fertilizer only
and water by gentle spraying  
due to the delicate nature of the seedling..

Wish me luck! :) 

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