Sunday, 5 May 2013

Purple Queen

Can't help noticing this fancy queen this morning.
Known as Purple Queen or Purple Hearts.
Either way, they do capture my heart.

I have seen this plant many a times before.
But never with flowers on it.
Those delicate pink flowers with yellow stamens are outstanding.

Just one plant, 
Is all you need for it to spread and 
Makes an excellent ground cover,
In any garden.

And guess what?
They can be planted as houseplants too. 

I took a few shots of this plant 
While standing in line to vote at the polling station.
Today is polling day for Malaysians.

I was down with flu and fever all week.
It was awful staying in bed.
Thank God I'm doing fine already,
And back on my feet once again! 
To share stories of exotic plants around me.

Take care everyone!
Don't get sick, okay :)