Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cymbidium Golden Elf

It's good to be back :)

The Golden Elf.
Also known as the "Sundust",
This wild orchid has the most gorgeous sunny yellow color I have ever seen :)

I love this stage of blooming.
 When it slowly wakes up from deep slumber.

Yawning and sheepishly opening up all the 'muscles' of the petals.

Before coming to a final stretch of a full bloom!

And this is when its mild sweet fragrance starts drifting into the room.
And me, as always, 
Being ignorant that this is a scented flower,
Will only realized that,
 When its fragrance filled up the living room at night!
And what a lovely surprise it was :)
"Au natural" air freshener!

Here it is, 
All buds in a row..
If you notice, the bud at the most bottom bloomed first.

I love this scene when they are basking in the sun.

This shot is taken from the top where some buds have yet to bloom.

Don't they look pretty under the sun?

If you have been wondering what happened to me,
Because of no posting for quite a while,
Well, I have been busy with my new blog
And cleaning up my home.

Don't worry.
I'll be back with more flower story

Saturday, 9 March 2013

"To All the Girls I've Loved Before..."

"...and that includes you!!" 

Happy Women's Day!

And these flowers are for you :)
Never posted before.

Pink Trumpet Vine

Japanese Rose

The Lipstick 

Canna Lily

 So, have you got that special gift from that special someone?
It's your day girl,
Go get them!

Work on your charm!
You know what I mean ;)

Friday, 8 March 2013

Bare Essentials

My garden is resting.

It was barely a week ago when my garden was bursting with colorful flowers :)
After some hard pruning and trimming,
All that is left now are budding new shoots.
May they flourish to bear beautiful flowers!

This firecracker flower reminds me of a tango dancer,
I can't explain why.

But have a great and beautiful weekend anyway!

I will be back with some flowers soon.
Just don't feel right not having any to feast my eyes on :)