Friday, 8 March 2013

Bare Essentials

My garden is resting.

It was barely a week ago when my garden was bursting with colorful flowers :)
After some hard pruning and trimming,
All that is left now are budding new shoots.
May they flourish to bear beautiful flowers!

This firecracker flower reminds me of a tango dancer,
I can't explain why.

But have a great and beautiful weekend anyway!

I will be back with some flowers soon.
Just don't feel right not having any to feast my eyes on :)


  1. Masz co podziwiać patrząc na niego. Pozdrawiam.
    You have to admire looking at him. Yours.

    1. You are so right Giga! This flower is made for admiration :)
      The day can go by unnoticed just looking at it.

  2. Ash, the firecracker flower is pretty,it reminds me red umbrella on sunny beach!

    1. Now that you mentioned it, it does look like a beach umbrella!
      Not to mention the wonderful feeling you will have just sitting under it :)

  3. This is one of my favourite flowers. I've mine planted in a large blue container and it blooms year round, with nary a rest day. A truly wonderful plant!

    1. Wow!! A blue container?! And a large one too! You know, I love those big blue pots but they are too expensive, don't you think. I can imagine the beauty of this orange salmon color with the blue pot!! Perfect combo :)
      I've trimmed this plant to very minimum to give way for new shoots and more flowers :)

    2. Most of my blue containers have been with me for around 20 years. They weren't expensive then. Inflation has a way of eating into every aspect of our lives, sigh!

    3. Sigh, sigh..all I can do now is wait for a good sale. But then again, they may not have the good quality ones :(
      Do you have any pictures of the blue pots in any of your postings? Would love to see them.

  4. Love the fireckracker flower. I tried to raise some from seed for my window but I must have got a bad batch because germination has been zero.

    1. Oh dear, whoever gave you those seeds must have forced it open from the seedpod! Seriously, until today I can't really tell when to pluck those matured seedpods. The seedpods turning black is a good indicator but that's not always the case all the time.
      Try buying the plant instead. And the window is the right spot! They grow better under shade.
      Just like mine :)

  5. Beautiful firecracker flower ASH!
    I look forward to your following flowerpost.

    Big hug,


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