Monday, 3 December 2012

Pretty in Pink..!

Simply gorgeous.
The Dwarf Mexican Petunia in pink.
Exquisite purplish-pink colors!

In her best bloom at noon time.
Each one showing off her dainty and ruffled flare skirt..

Early morning look..
Each bloom sneaking its way out from under the leaves.

After the rain look..
Towards the evening,
As it entangles itself for the day.

Calling it the day..
In exquisite style and beauty.

It is after all an "am-to-pm" flower.
Colors like this make me lost track of time,
Just by admiring its natural beauty.

May you have a beautiful week too :)


  1. Very beautiful pictures you share, Ash!
    Wonderful color!
    In this region we miss flowers right now, where the snow has settled!

    Thank you and a wonderful week for you too :-)

    1. At times like this where it's all white around you,
      it's good to know you have a friend on the other side of the globe,
      Who will bring back those wonderful colors to you!
      Please drop by when you can :)

  2. Dwarf Ruellias - I love this colour too and have many of these self seeding plants in my garden. The lavender and white ones are just as lovely.

    1. I have the white ones also.
      But never knew the pink ones is amazingly beautiful.
      This plant would make great "borders" for your garden.
      I can only imagine :)

    2. Yes they certainly would, only that the snails won't give it a chance. Those pesky gastropods have chewed many of them down to mere stumps.

    3. Oh dear..
      There's no way of getting rid of those fat pods eh?
      If you need seeds for later, please let me know ok.
      I'll be happy to mail them to you :)
      Take care.

  3. Kwiaty są piękne i bardzo miło na nie patrzeć. Pozdrawiam.
    The flowers are beautiful and very nice to look at. Yours.

    1. Thank you Giga.
      I'm so happy the nursery kept a pot for me.
      It is truly a beauty!
      Glad that you like them too :)

  4. Very pretty and you're right to call it a ruffled skirt! The pink colour is so beautifully contrasted by the plant's dark green foliage. Your pictures have brightened up my day :)

    1. Seriously Rosemary..
      Never thought the pink would be this drop-dead gorgeous!
      I'm adding more colors to my garden,
      So keep coming back for more beauties.
      You can count on me to 'color' your day :)

    2. Now that everything here is dead and gone, I will definitely be counting on your flower photos to cheer me up all winter! No pressure :)

      I wanted to let you know that I am ridiculously busy right now and haven't had the chance to post my Liebster award info, but I do appreciate the nomination and will post as soon as things ease up! Thanks again.

    3. Take your time Rosemary. As you said, "no pressure" :)
      I guess you were busy as well.
      Well, it's year end, deadline coming and not to mention Christmas!!
      I'll do my best to cheer you up ;)
      Take care.

  5. I've not heard of Mexican Petunias. The flowers are similar to petunias I know but the leaves are very different.

  6. This is one of my latest discovery, Karen.
    You may want to refer to my previous post on it :)
    See below;

  7. Ash, you have another beautiful flower! I envoy you....
    Actually. it's very interesting and rare flower, am-to-pm, as you wrote.
    I have something for you here:

    1. Hi Nadezda,
      This is the same flower as in my previous post.
      Except that it was white in color. Remember?
      Well, this link will help you,
      And thanks for thinking of me for the challenge :)

  8. This is a variety of Petunia unknown to me, it is beautiful.

    1. That makes everyone of us!
      So glad I was able to introduce a new flower for my readers :)

  9. Haha, another pink flower in your collection! How about pink hibiscus?

    1. You know the recent story of my hibiscus :(
      Let see if there's improvement before taking in pink.
      This one the color is orangy yellow.
      You are right, my garden is looking pretty in pink now :)


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