Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Holiday!!

A dear friend from Russia, Nadezda has asked me,
What does Christmas mean to me..
Or what is the scent of Christmas for me?

Before I could answer it
I need to share something.
I am witnessing a new trend on traditional celebration in my country.
More and more people are going away on vacation with their family
Instead of celebrating it the traditional way at home.
Is this happening in your country too?

Many of you, I believe, have heard about Malaysia.
You may not know much about her.
That's okay, I'm here to tell you...

Malaysia is a peninsula surrounded by waters..
There's the Straits of Malacca on the west
And South China Sea on the east of her.

Not to mention the many islands surrounding her!
And guess what?!
My family will spend our Christmas holiday on one of the islands!!

To all my blogger friends,
Welcome to Malaysia!

Check out the pristine clear water..
A familiar sight on all her islands!

Here is a brief about my vacation plan.
The Pangkor Laut Resort,
Which is situated in the state of Perak,
Is chosen as our holiday retreat!

The Sea Villas

Close-up view of the Sea Villa..
A private suite on stilts.
Imagine sleeping with the cool breeze from the sea.

And wake up in the morning for beach activities,
Or simply soak in the sun..

And rejuvenate at The Spa.
Just what I need :)

Reading a good book under a tree
And then after a short snooze...

And water activities later..

Lastly some aromatherapy...
In a pool of fragrant Frangipani flowers!
Just before the sun sets.

The kids will be busy with snorkelling, scuba diving and fishing.
And jungle trekking activities.

Now to answers queries on my holiday retreat :)

What is your favorite flower for this holiday?
It is found everywhere around the resort.

Which preparation for this holiday you never miss?
Packing and unpacking later..
It's a mom's job :(

What is the scent of your holiday?
The smell of sea...
Not to forget the aromatic scent after the Spa.

Which song makes your celebration?
I don't have any..
But I do have a favorite movie though..
"The Holiday"!!

Last but not least..
Look who was here before!
Maestro Luciano Pavarotti with the owner of the resort, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh.

So my friends,
My question to you is..
When are you coming over :))

Have a lovely weekend!

Note: All photos are courtesy of the resort.


  1. I love quite simply your post - I have to come to your country once :D

    1. Oh please do Dorthe :)
      I'm sure you will have a beautiful and memorable experience!
      Check out the resort promotional rates, it's worth it.

  2. Ash,fantastic Christmas holidays you will have! I love these villas. I can imagine the noise of waves under the floor of a villa and light breeze in the window!

    1. Oh Nadezda...that's what I'm looking forward to!
      The sound of subtle sea waves as lullaby,
      And the cool fresh breeze.
      Wish you can come here one day too :)

  3. You have given us pictures of paradise! You know you are torturing those of us going into our winter season... Many people from here, especially those who are retired, go away to warmer climates for the entire winter.

    1. That is so true Rosemary.
      I'm seeing many of them here now.
      Lovely feeling to see them walking together
      And studying maps for directions!
      I'm pretty sure I will see you here too one day :)

  4. Już pakuję walizki i jadę, bo jest pięknie. To niestety tylko marzenie. Pozdrawiam.
    Even pack my bags and I'm going, because it's beautiful. It is unfortunately only a dream. Yours.

  5. Hi Giga,
    Every good thing starts with a dream.
    Keep on dreaming and it will come true!
    I believe so :)

  6. I would like so much to visit Malaysia!!! Have a nice day, Ash!

    1. Welcome to Malaysia Cinzia!
      It will be an exciting experience for you :)
      Take care.

  7. Wala, Ash, you make our country look so beautiful. I feel like going for a beach holiday too!

    1. What are you waiting for Ms Belle.
      Get you sun tan lotion and head to Pangkor or Langkawi!
      The water is so refreshing!!
      Pangkor Laut is having promotion for residents also :)

  8. Hi Ash, you are going very commercial and doing a hard sell! ;) I'm so tempted now.

    1. Hahaha..and not getting a penny from YTL :)
      I love this place and it is opening now to residents for a limited time only. Click on the hotel to see more.
      So give yourself a good break and get going!!
      Thanks for dropping by.

  9. The resort looks delightful! The aromatherapy pool looks like a dream. I'd love to come - with my camera - I can imagine beautiful sunsets and many amazing sights.

    1. Welcome to you Karen.
      We seem to share the same interest, aromatherapy!
      Do click on the resort to explore the right holiday package for you.
      Oh..don't forget that camera!!!

  10. Calling by to thankyou for your support of my blogging over the last year. I think Christmas is a lovely time to go away on holiday with family, have a wonderful time, it looks truly beautiful. Meanwhile I wish you a happy Christmas season and hope you will have time to call by and listen to the music on News From Italy over the holidays.


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