Sunday, 23 December 2012

'Tis the Season!

Christmas is in the air!!
Tra-la-la-la  la-la-la-la...

For those celebrating Christmas,
Still busy with last minute shopping,
For gifts and food, I suppose.
Well, don't forget the flowers!!

I saw Poinsettia the other day at the nursery.
It was truly bright red and beautiful.
I almost picked it up when I thought,
Poinsettia doesn't do well with tropical weather.
Those red leaves will turn green in no time.

But guess what I saw next to it?
It has the colors of Christmas too!!
Red and green..

It is Azaleas!!
Simply outstanding.
And this is the first time I am seeing Azaleas.

Barbara Cartland was the one who introduced me to this beauty.
Through her romantic novels, I mean.

Azaleas were mentioned in most of her garden and courtyard settings.
She must have loved this flower so much! 
After witnessing this beauty, I'd say why not.

I thought it looks great in a galvanized pot :)
And it makes a perfect setting on any table top for this special occasion.
Get those with plenty of buds,
So you will get full bloom on Christmas morning!

Azaleas are so easy to maintain.
No need to water everyday.
Only as and when the pot feels light.
And no direct sun either.
So what say you?
Wouldn't Azaleas make a good alternative for Poinsettia?
Of course, there's no replacement for Poinsettia.
But, it is a beautiful choice :)

Here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas
And a Happy Holiday!!  


  1. Thank you, Ash and also for you and your loved ones. Wish you happy days!
    Thanks for the kind comments and great inspiration in 2012.
    Looking forward to following you in 2013 - all the best for your year!

    Greetings from Denamrk/ Dorthe

  2. Azalia jest śliczna i lubię te kwiaty. Życzę radosnych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia. Pozdrawiam.
    Azalea is beautiful and I like the flowers. I wish you a Merry Christmas. Yours.

  3. Great choice Ash, I do like the look of these ruffled flowers so much more than poinsettia and you're right, they will last much longer. The perfect centerpiece for your holiday table!

  4. Gracias por tu felicitación.
    Feliz Navidad.

    Un cariñoso abrazo.


  5. Hello Ash, thanks for visiting my blog! I've already seen your blog I've not sign in as a follower. But I sign in now, so I can follow your posts.

    Bye the way, there are many, many beautiful flowers in Malaysia! I enjoy seeing al those flowers.

    Have a merry Christmas and happy holidays
    Greetings from Holland,


  6. Pues no me he olvidado de las flores, y en estas navidades tambien estarán presentes en los adornos navideños.
    Te deseo unas felices fiestas y un gran año 2013.
    Un abrazo

  7. I think both are lovely to have in the home at Christmas and Azaleas make a lovely gift as they can be planted in the garden later. Thankyou for calling by my Christmas post I am happy you enjoyed the music. I look forward to following your blog in 2013. Happy New Year.


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