Sunday, 30 March 2014

Time after thyme

Thyme now..

Thyme when I brought home from the supermarket

Thyme after time
It has grown after  12 days of purchase

as peculiar as it seems this thyme strive better indoor

No fertilizer added yet
just to get the plant adjusted to the home environment
they are supposed to be sun lovers but not this one
probably they are too young
the sun seems to wilt it 

Will see how it grows when fertilizer is added tomorrow :)

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Tomato Cherry ~ Seedlings' end

Seedlings at 4 weeks

hairy leaves developed..

At 6 weeks now the seedlings have branched out really well
and the taproot underneath is very long

I'm so excited!
can't help myself grinning seeing this progress
time to transplant them soon for this seedling to proceed 
to its next phase of growth 

Good luck to me :)

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Ornamental Curcuman

First time I'm seeing the flower of this herb

and they look so sweet :)

love the soft pastel lilac color of each petal's end

This is one of the collection of herbs found in the Secret Garden
labelled as Curcurma 'Laddawan'
a horticultural cultivar.

"Curcuma Longa" pictured above is as tall my friend's daughter Sara
who was busy and serious with her so-called routine watering task
in their home garden :)

These leaves are sought after for our local cuisine especially "rendang"
and it is irresistibly fragrant!
Commonly known as turmeric ginger leaves or as
we call it in our Malay language
"daun kunyit"

Speaking of rendang makes my mouth waters..
Gotta cook it!

Monday, 10 March 2014

When "Hairy" met Sally..

Awesome flower!
Too bad I wasn't carrying an SLR when I took this picture
at the Secret Garden.
Couldn't get a good close-up of this flower
and the sun was at its strongest!

Never seen such hairy foliage before.
Believe it or not this beautiful plant is known as
(oh my goodness!!) 
"Hairy Wandering Jew" 

Seriously.. I'm as anxious as you are too!
why or how come? 
Now no offense to the Jews..
it's just a name :)

Simply delicate flowers in soft magenta color
with herbaceous foliage.

If you are not into watering plants so often
get this plant.
Drought tolerant all right
and a definite beauty to add to your garden!

Ciao :)