Friday, 5 April 2013

"You're just too good to be true.."

A year...
Which is 365 days.
That is how long I've waited
For this Aussie lass to make her debut appearance.
The Aussie Pink Plumeria.

When I first saw these emerging buds,
One beautiful morning last week,
 I can't believe my eyes.

I thought to myself with a smile,
My prayers are answered.

The very hot weather we have been getting of late,
Coupled with rain, and I mean plenty of rain.!!
This Aussie lass couldn't resist it any longer.

The tangerine fragrance which is released at night,
Or after showers like this is intense.
Simply love it :)

Like a twirled pinwheel,
The orange center is the source for the
Tangerine scent, I think.

Commonly known also as Fairy Wings and Coral Sea,
This flower will appear as a huge cluster,
When all the buds are in full bloom,
Which in this case will take a couple of days more.

Can't wait to pick freshly fallen bloom and float them in a bath,
For that relaxing feeling of a tropical spa retreat,
Right here in my home :)

Thank you God!
Patience has its virtues,
Have a lovely weekend :)


  1. Ash, why did you patiently wait for this Beauty blooming?
    Does it bloom one a year?
    These buds are awesome!
    It's very romantic: to lie in a bath with floating tangerine smelling buds!

    1. Hi Nadezda. This is a flower which blooms all year non-stop.
      But in my case, it didn't bloom for a long time because of the little sun it was getting. I almost give up.
      Now that it is blooming, there is chance it will continue blooming.
      Wow! You are a romantic person :)

  2. Hi Ash! The blooms are gorgeous, no wonder you are waxing lyrical. I've not thought of smelling mine, so I'm not sure of its fragrance. Actually I thought the flowers are odourless.

    1. Oh Stiletto my dear friend, frangipani are heavily perfumed flowers no matter what color they are. The next time they fall, smell it and tell me if you like it or not. At times their perfumes are too strong, especially those in yellow, they can knock you out!
      When I bought it I was told the color is red but it turned out pinkish with orange-y scent and I'm loving it :)

  3. Kwiatki są prześliczne kształtem i kolorem. Szkoda, ze nie mogę poczuć zapachu. Pozdrawiam.
    Flowers are beautiful in shape and color. It is a pity that I can not feel the smell. Yours.

    1. Oh Giga, I hope one day you will get the chance to smell it because this flower is known and sought after for its perfumes. Very very nice fragrance.

  4. gorgeous photos and flowers!
    happy saturday,

    1. Thanks Cinzia and enjoy your weekend :)

  5. Oh my gosh, this flower is out of this world! Your photos are absolutely perfect and showcase the colour, shape and beauty of this flower. I'm going to have to look it up and see if they can exist on my side of the globe. Well worth your patience and the wait :)

    1. Oh Rosemary, I take it as a compliment the nice words coming from you :)
      You are the pro and I'm a struggling amateur.
      And yes, you can plant it in your own garden! Cool eh? You just need to keep it indoors during winter. I'd love to send you a small part of my plant but I doubt it could go through customs at all. You can buy it online from USA if there's no restriction.
      I've finished reading your book and may I say "Bravo"?!! Outstanding, Rosemary, you have both the qualities of Tolkien and Rawlings!! Believe it. Can't wait for the second book!!! :)

    2. Thank you for all your compliments Ash, about the photos and the book! Isn't it wonderful that we can continue learning and loving life no matter our age :)

    3. That is so true and your book brings out the kid in me when I was reading it, LOL! I couldn't believe it myself :)

  6. Gode billeder af de smukke blomster.
    Tak for kigget.
    Ha´ en dejlig dag.

    1. Glad to see you here again :)
      And thank you for your sweet words.
      Take care.

  7. Frangipanis are delightful in all colours. So pleased your has flowered at last.

    1. Thanks Karen. This one is special as I never expected it to have twirled pinwheel on it. I would say it was a dream come true.
      I was overjoyed :)

  8. They really like the wet weather this month. Beautiful colours.

    1. Thank God for that!
      Thanks for dropping by my garden.
      It is nice to meet you :)


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