Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Thunbergia Sky Vine

My new year resolution for 2012 was to introduce plants with blue flowers in my garden.
I love blue flowers especially hygrangea.
Unfortunately there was none available anywhere in the nurseries.

So when I saw these delicate and beautiful blue flowers right under my nose, I grabbed the opportunity to get as many pictures as I can :)

Commonly known as Blue Sky Vine, it is scientifically named "Thunbergia Grandiflora".
This vines are natives of South Africa, India and Asia.

Shaped like a trumpet, its lavender color changes to sky blue color from time to time.

This plant is an aggressive climber, so no way I can have it in my garden which is by the window :)

The first peek :)
Somehow it reminds me of a baby butterfly coming out from its cocoon.

While I was busy getting the right angles and view for the picture, I saw a bee flew straight inside one of the bloom.

Never had the chance to take a photo of a bee before so can't miss this one!

Busy bee sucking every drop of nectar there is...not bothered at all with me going up close.

This is a shot when the flower looked so lavender-ly sweet.

All pictures were taken at the Grand Lexis Hotel in Port Dickson.
You see, my family made a last minute plan to spend some time by the beach last weekend.
Most of the hotels were fully booked so we have to make do with what was available.

Not knowing that the hotel is situated next to an oil refinery plant, (see picture below at the background) our rooms, which stood on concrete stilts over the sea, are equipped with a private swimming pool each.
But these 'water babies' never seem to get enough...
Despite having our own pool at home.
Well , at the end of the day, the kids had fun. 
We adults missed the splashing of seawater on each other and walking barefooted in the soft sand.
Getting the feet buried in the fine sand with each step is truly a luxury feeling...

If you ask me, I will not go back to this place although it is a luxury resort 'by' the sea.

Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. Ash, beautiful photos! Thunbergia is very nice liana. I tried to grow it in my garden, but it's not enough warm time for it to grow and bloom.

    Many hotels deceive customers, write that they are located by the sea. And then it appears that you have to go 1 km to the beach, or like in your case.
    Have a nice time!

    1. It's just too bad you can't grow this in your garden Nadezda. It needs plenty of sun and water. It is very nice flower indeed. I fell in love at first :)

      Well, what can I say but most hotels by the sea are purely 'advertisement'.
      Nothing more than total rip-off!

      Have a good week!

  2. That is a beautiful flower, you would never know it comes out of those plain brown wrappings :) I also love the colour blue, and I find most blue flowers go back and forth between blue and mauve depending on the light. I'm laughing that your children don't know or care anything about your dissatisfaction with the hotel, they just have fun, like all children do - lucky them!

    1. Glad that you are having a good time laughing, Rosemary :)
      It was a lot of fun actually, just watching them.

      You are right Rosemary. When I took the pictures under intense heat, just after noon, the flower becomes lavender in color. The ones in blue were taken during early morning.
      And mother nature never fail to surprise us underneath those plain brown wrappings :)
      Its enchanting how fairies chose to color those flowers..LOL!

  3. Amazing pictures you share - I love them all!

    Greetings from Denmark, Dorthe

  4. These flowers are a beautiful shade of blue. Judging by the bee, the flowers are a good size too - very pretty.

    The seaside swimming would be fun but not quite the same as swimming in the sea. Seems the children weren't fussed by the location. Maybe next time you'll end up with nicer surrounds too.

    1. It was the most gorgeous blue flowers I've ever seen Karen.
      Glad that you like them too :)

      I was looking forward to have some fun on the sandy beach and would love the kids to play with the sand too. But as you can see, they were not bothered at all!

  5. Hello!!! Thank you so much for your visit! I have seen your blog, I like me and I follow you!
    Bye bye from Italy!

    1. Welcome to my world Cinzia!
      Nice to see you here.
      I like your blog also and I will be following you too :)

  6. I am not too sure if that bee went inside for nectar or for a lovely shade!..

  7. Hello Ash, I am very excited to nominate you for a Beautiful Blogger Award because I just love your blog! To accept all you have to do is tell us 7 things about yourself and nominate 15 other bloggers. You can find the BBA thumbnail on my blog if you'd like to post it on yours and, you know, show it off :)

    1. Oh Rosebud...I'm more than blush here.
      I have expressed my excitement and surprise well enough in your blog.
      Truly unexpected at all ^-^
      Thanks again.

    2. You are most sincerely and deservingly welcome :)

    3. I sent you an email at iris@irisandthedragonflies.com

  8. Beautiful both the flowers and the resort, even with the oil refinery in the distance. :)

    1. It is a beautiful resort Linda, you are right about that.
      It's just that we missed dipping ourselves in the sea and playing on the sandy beach :(
      Nice to hear from you again :)


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