Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Lady in Red

"Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana"
or simply called Kalanchoe
in 3 irresistible shades of red..

Multiple petaled in mauve red

Single-petaled in chilly red

Doubled-petaled in pinkish red

Never knew kalanchoes come in such irresistible colors.
And never knew kalanchoes belong to the succulents family.
Which is good news for me as there is less watering to do.
And more time to feast in its beauty.

Love these tiny rosettes. 
A good replacement for the roses that failed to make it in my garden..lol!

The buds are simply gorgeous too.

This one is shaped like tiny buttercups

And here is a double-petaled of the above tiny buttercups in pinkish red.

Not sure how long I can have these beauties in my garden..
I was never good in handling succulents before.
Over-watering...., what else.
Need all the luck I can get :) 


  1. Wonderful Kalanchoe, Ash! I love the double petals one, is nice shape and color.

    1. Thanks Nadezda.
      I love them all!
      I was spoilt for choices :)

  2. U mnie na parapecie w domu stoi taki czerwony. LubiÄ™ te kwiaty. Pozdrawiam.
    With me on the windowsill in the house is so red. I like the flowers. Yours.

    1. Oh.., I can just imagine your window with this beautiful flowers there.
      Together with the orchids, it's simply great deco :)

  3. Wow Ash, what a beauties! Handle them with care!

    1. Thanks Willy.
      I'm doing my best not to water them :)

  4. Hope you get the luck to have them long: D
    Wonderful pictures you have taken.
    In DK they are small flowers to put in the windows ;D

    Greetings, Dorthe

    1. Hello there Dorthe!
      Great to have you back here.
      I hope I could make them last this time.
      They make great window deco alright.
      Brightens up any window at any time.
      Thanks for dropping by again :)

  5. There is such a good selection of them during the Chinese New Year.season. One is spoilt for choice.

    1. You are so right Stiletto! I went crazy over the colors and flowers.
      I may get more but need to see how these ones survive.
      Apparently there will be a sale after CNY.
      I'm counting on that! :)
      Did you spend much on flowers this year?

    2. This year I really have to restrain myself as I'll be moving house in the later part of the year. Besides my garden is brimming over with plants and container-plants. It's looking more like a nursery as times go by :(

    3. Wow! New house eh? Sounds pretty exciting though it will be a tiring experience. Now you have more reason to let go of your excess plants. Just the perfect solution for your "garden cum nursery" :)
      Is your new house in KL?

  6. I'm sending you lots of luck with these beauties, they simply must last! Your photos are gorgeous, I love the two super close-ups, so perfect and pink :)

    1. Ohh..thank you so much Rosemary.
      You know, those two close-ups that you love are my favorite!
      If these collection make it, I plan to have more colors in.
      Simply irresistible :)

  7. They sure look lovely! A gardener nearby has some in her front yard, I always admire their colours!

    1. Their colors are gorgeous Karen. Wish I have every single one of it :)
      I can just imagine your neighbor's garden looking so colorful and pretty!


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