Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Twinkle "Star"

How this beauty is called,
"Egyptian Star Cluster",
I have no idea.

Locally known as "Pentas",
This tiny cluster of flowers make never-ending beauty in any garden.

Just look at the buds below,
Doesn't it look like a petite floral arrangement,
Complete with lovely foliage?
Furry alright and deeply veined....yet beautiful.

This shocking pink beauty is among its bold color collection.
Pentas is known for its gorgeous pastel colors.
Sad to say, I have none of them :(

I just love this stage where the buds emerged into flowers,
As shown below.
Maybe this is the reason they are called "star".
We all know that stars don't twinkle simultaneously.
But, one at a time.
(Hahaha..me and my lame analogy, lol!!)

This bold red color with violet center,
Has been in my garden for a year now.
And I'm still loving it!

Truly a timeless beauty,
It will grace any garden at any time beautifully,
Be it in pots or spread generously over the ground :)


  1. Beautiful photos Ash! We have those growing in our area too - although I have never grown them myself. Delightful.

    1. Thanks Karen. Seriously, they are very easy to grow, if you ask me. Very little care needed yet "rewarding" :)

  2. Ślicznie wyglądają kwiatowe gwiazdki we wszystkich pokazanych kolorach. Pozdrawiam.
    Look pretty floral star in all the colors shown. Yours.

    1. Thanks Giga. Glad that you have enjoyed watching them too :)

  3. Hi Ash, I used to have lots of these in various colours in my garden. It needs constant replanting to have it in tip top condition. I gave up after a while. Hope yours keep well.

    1. Seriously? I never knew that it requires constant replanting. What I do now is just to trim it after the flowers wilted out.

  4. Wow, these stars are very beautiful Ash!

    1. Thanks Willy! Am missing your post so start writing when you can okay :)

  5. Thank you Ash! Your first photo reminds me of fireworks, pink fireworks, so vibrant and beautiful.

    1. Wow!! Fireworks?! Never thought of it that way.
      Now that you've mentioned it, couldn't agree with you more :)
      Thanks Rosebud.

  6. I love your photos, Ash!
    The most the last one--wonderful colors. I've seen this 'star' in a pot, but didn't bought it: I have no idea how to grow it inside.
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thank you Nadezda.
      If you ask me, I would say get a pot of this star.
      So easy to grow and doesn't need much care.
      Truly rewarding :)

      You have a great weekend too!

  7. Very nice shades of pink and red...

    1. Well said Lrong.
      Glad you love them too :)
      Have a good week!


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