Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Enchanting Roses...light pink rose!

Decided to go to Sg Buloh this morning. It has been a while since my last visit there. Kay (my friend) and I headed to Lot 61, Paling Horticulture, Sg Buloh. We are great fans of flowers! It's always nice to have someone who is passionate about flowers to go with. Of course, we both thought of just "cuci mata" and to see what's new.

Then, suddenly...my eyes caught upon this beautiful rose. Truly enchanting with its pure light pink color and faint sweet subdued fragrance..hhhmmm. I just need to close my eyes and breathe in delight. Intoxicatingly pure and warm scent :)

It's just too bad that no one at the nursery knows the name of this rose :(

Such a beautiful piece....

If you know which species this rose belongs to, do enlighten me!

I never thought I would end-up bringing this masterpiece home since my garden is still infested with 'leftover' pests. But it is too irresistible and temptingly adorable. And it costs only RM10! Who, in their right frame of mind, could resist this?

As a precaution, I didn't put this plant in the garden right away. I placed it on the shelve of my bathroom and sprayed with "Baba Tenen D25" natural insect repellent all over its stems and soil. After half an hour, I put it by the window of my utility room. The weather was gloomy with heavy rain, but the air was cool. Not to mention the cold breeze that comes with it. Great start for this rose.

Even if this rose would not survive for long, I decide to take a lighter approach to it. I will not stress myself out unnecessarily, like I did in the past. I know I have enjoyed the beauty of this rose and appreciate the pleasure it gives me :)

After all flowers are created to bring out our inner sense of happiness and not otherwise ;)

The houris will be smiling in her sleep tonight...for sure :))

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Jasminum Sambac

Jasminum Sambac, such a lovely name for a lovely and fragrant jasmine plant. 

Jasminum Sambac have many varieties and the ones shown here is the "Mysore Mulli" species. When I brought home this plant from the nursery more than 7 months ago, I didn't know what species this was. It was a small plant then and I had to rely on the owner's word. "It's Indian Jasmine", she said. That was it.

And today, I am witnessing the beautiful and heavily scented flower after a long wait. Was worth it :)  
Truly a beauty with layers of thick pure white petals! Simply captivating, just looking at it.

"Mysore Mulli", originated from India.

The leaves, however, is not the best part of the plant, pale green in color and at times yellowish green. But the flowers are heavenly scent!

This leaves have been treated with black seed oil to keep away pests. White flies get stuck on the sticky leaves and die. Simply mix 2 tablespoon of black seed oil with 500ml water and a drop of dishwashing liquid. Shake well before spray.

Heavily scented flower. All it takes is just one flower and my living room is done :) 

If you notice, there's another bud waiting to bloom underneath this bloomer. Can't wait to see it! Will keep you posted when it does.

Taraaa..here it is!! The second flower which bloomed just the next day after this post was published.  Mesmerizing scent indeed. I have pruned the leaves so hoping for more blooms after this :)

Thanks for dropping by!