Sunday, 19 January 2014

Crown of Thorns

Hello there!
We meet again!!

Here's another beauty taken from the Secret Garden.
Don't they looked like hats? :)

It's my first time seeing this Euphorbia Milii. my heart melted.. lol!

Just can't get enough of its curling petals!

Looking like cups too.

In various shades of shocking pink.

Actually, this flower is not in full bloom yet.
Its tiny flowers are hidden inside those "cup" petals.

Commonly known as "Crown of Thorns".
this plant has big sharp thorns
on its stem and branches.

I didn't get a good shot at it  :(
 Got carried away focusing on the petals too much!!

By the way,
any new year resolution for your garden?
I am starting off with herbs.
Will keep you posted with my success story on it
...when that happens! :) :)

Monday, 6 January 2014

Beauty in the Wilderness!

Had I not waited a day more,
this beauty here would end up in the trash can!

I find Texas Sage so unpredictable.
Just when I thought they are dying..
There will be blooms all over the next minute!
But truly, a lovely surprise :)

This desert plant loves being neglected.
I thought those dried out branches were dying,
(as pictured below)
But after watering, new shoots appeared on them.

Now that they are here to stay.
I did heave a sigh of relief actually :)
Poor thing...
They tolerated my long absence gracefully.

Truly, this Thundercloud species is my favorite.
I love its curly and soft velvety pale-green leaves. 
And when combined with the purple flowers, 
It makes an outstanding bush!

Writing about this plant gives me an idea for my garden new outlook.
To plant succulents and drought resistant plants!
Well, what do you know?
I've just came up with a new resolution for my garden.
Do you have one?
Sleep on it and I'm pretty sure you will too :)


Thursday, 2 January 2014

A New Beginning..

Had a great time meeting with my blogger friend Autumn Belle,
for the first time.
And we spent all morning in this awesome garden.
named "The Secret Garden".

Simply can't get enough of this beautiful foliage,
which is planted in the middle of this tropical garden.
I thought the tiny waterfall behind it
adds character.

This garden is simply heaven on earth.
I guess I will be showing you more pictures later on
as my garden finds its way to flourish once again.

It was fun to be out in the sun once again
To be able to drive, socialise and do chores!
(hahaha..never thought I would miss doing chores)

Here's wishing you,

Happy New Year!!
May you have a blissful year ahead :)

New year resolution?
Yeah, I do have them.
but then again, who's asking?