Monday, 6 January 2014

Beauty in the Wilderness!

Had I not waited a day more,
this beauty here would end up in the trash can!

I find Texas Sage so unpredictable.
Just when I thought they are dying..
There will be blooms all over the next minute!
But truly, a lovely surprise :)

This desert plant loves being neglected.
I thought those dried out branches were dying,
(as pictured below)
But after watering, new shoots appeared on them.

Now that they are here to stay.
I did heave a sigh of relief actually :)
Poor thing...
They tolerated my long absence gracefully.

Truly, this Thundercloud species is my favorite.
I love its curly and soft velvety pale-green leaves. 
And when combined with the purple flowers, 
It makes an outstanding bush!

Writing about this plant gives me an idea for my garden new outlook.
To plant succulents and drought resistant plants!
Well, what do you know?
I've just came up with a new resolution for my garden.
Do you have one?
Sleep on it and I'm pretty sure you will too :)



  1. It's gorgeous! I love low maintenance plants - and have a small collection of succulents now from the last few months. Lovely leaves and bright flowers are a bonus!

    1. Hi Karen!
      I love succulents but never had the chance to see them grow and multiply.
      They die :(
      Would be nice to see yours someday.

  2. Pokazał Ci jakie ma piękne kwiaty i z pewnością nie pierwszy i jedyny raz. Pozdrawiam
    He showed you what has beautiful flowers and certainly not the first and only time. Yours.

    1. Thank you Giga! Hopefully it stay for good this time, such a beauty :)

  3. Hi Ash! Glad to see you getting your energy up and showing the same old enthiusiasm on plants.
    I have this plant in my garden too where I train it into a tall shrub. I thought of publishing a post on it one day but you beat me to it, haha.

    1. So I still have the 'touch' eh? hehe..
      Can't wait for your post on this. I bet it must be spectacular to see it as a tall shrub.
      Do it soon ok :)

    2. I'm trying to get a good final shot before I post. I've just done some heavy pruning to take advantage of the raining season.

  4. Happy New Year Ash, love the colour combination of the purple and silvery leaves of the sage.

    1. Hi Lindy. Happy New Year to you too! So nice of you to drop by :)
      How has the new year been for you? I truly hope it will be a good year for you after what you went through.
      Do keep in touch ok.

  5. Hi,
    Love your Texas Sage.
    Didn't know that they are a hardy plant.
    Planning soon to get one..
    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thanks to you, I'm enjoying this beauty James.
      Seriously, you don't have this plant??!!!
      Yet, you advised me to do the right thing..less watering LOL!
      And it works you know :)


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