Thursday, 2 January 2014

A New Beginning..

Had a great time meeting with my blogger friend Autumn Belle,
for the first time.
And we spent all morning in this awesome garden.
named "The Secret Garden".

Simply can't get enough of this beautiful foliage,
which is planted in the middle of this tropical garden.
I thought the tiny waterfall behind it
adds character.

This garden is simply heaven on earth.
I guess I will be showing you more pictures later on
as my garden finds its way to flourish once again.

It was fun to be out in the sun once again
To be able to drive, socialise and do chores!
(hahaha..never thought I would miss doing chores)

Here's wishing you,

Happy New Year!!
May you have a blissful year ahead :)

New year resolution?
Yeah, I do have them.
but then again, who's asking?


  1. What a beautiful garden to visit, especially with company. To be able to do chores again is such a blessing after you've been unable to for any length of time. Trust 2014 will be filled with pleasant surprises and excellent health!

    1. Yes, it was Karen. I've never enjoyed myself more and I'm forever thankful to God for His Mercy and His countless blessings!
      I guess that's the beauty of being sick for a long time, we tend to appreciate the things which we took for granted before.

  2. Piękne miejsce z pewnością z cudownego ogrodu . Wszelkiej pomyślności w 2014 roku !
    Certainly a beautiful place with a beautiful garden. All the best in 2014!

    1. It certainly is a beautiful garden Giga!
      Wishing you a blissful year ahead :)
      Take care and cheers.

  3. Ash, Happy New Year to you! May I guess your resolution? I guess you want to grow a new wonderful garden in your place. Am I right?

    1. You are so right Nadezda.
      I suppose we gardeners think alike haha!
      Wishing you a blissful year ahead and all the best.

  4. Hi Ash, "Happy New Year and may you be blessed with good health". Thanks for dropping by. Sorry I couldn't reply earlier. I was away in China during the New Year period to shop for my new house.

    1. Thanks Elsie..and may you have a blissful year too.
      Wow! All the way to China?! That's great.
      Can't wait to hear your story on your new home :)
      Take care and cheers!

  5. Ash, haha, It was nice to meet you there. Still thinking about it. There was one more mystery person we met yeah ;-)

    1. Look forward to meet you again Ms Belle, together with our mystery friend if she can spare the time :)


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