Saturday, 14 December 2013

Where Do I Begin?

It has been a while..
Hello everyone! 
It feels good to be writing again
To be in touch with you again :)

It took me quite some time to decide if I should ever write again.
After all, it has been some months now I've not written.
And I was asking myself..
How do I start writing again?
What do I say?

I have been ill.
That's the reason for my long absence.
The hospitals have been my second home.
It's not that bad as I got to meet nice patients
and we end up being friends until today.

Not to mention my garden which were left neglected :(

But to see my azalea with flower buds..??
I was telling myself, this can't be happening.
I never thought my plants survived let alone to start blooming!!

Expect the Unexpected..

And for this particular reason
I told myself I'm taking the road less travelled instead
and marvelled at the beauty that is about to bloom
and reflect it in my own life.

I'm not quitting.
Rather starting again...


  1. Hi Ash, lovely to hear from you again - it must be a sure sign that you are feeling well enough again to enjoy life and look to the future. A garden can be so rewarding even when we least expect or deserve it. Enjoy your azalea blooms!

  2. Hi Ash, welcome back! I thought that I've lost you on my radar. Glad to hear that you are now well again and able to appreciate the blooms. Having this optimism is having won half the battle. May you be blessed with good health and do take care.

  3. Dear Ash! How wonderful you're with us again! I'm glad you're better and you had a gift of nature --- your azalea blooming. Can't wait you'll tell us about your new plants.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Hello Karen, Elsie and Nadezda.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your well wishes. You guys are simply the greatest!
    My illness was life threatening. Never thought I would make it at all.
    Thanks to the Good Lord for giving me another chance to be with you guys again and enjoy the beauty that He has bestowed on us..amen.
    Life is full of surprises. Enjoy it while you can.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my dear friends!
    And not forgetting a Happy Belated Birthday to Karen :)

    1. Dear Ash, So glad that you have pulled through this ordeal. Life is precious and we would always want to clutch at it however precarious the situation might be. You are tough one and you will survive. In the aspect, how I wish that we are like the weeds in my garden, so tenacious is their hold on survival even under hostile conditions.
      Happy Holidays to you.

    2. Oh Elsie, you brought tears to my eyes :'(
      Listen, I will be meeting Autumn Belle at Secret Garden. We both thought it's high time we meet. After all, my illness could recur. She has not fix the date yet. You are welcomed to join us if you are not too busy.

  5. It's so nice to see you again on the blog, I've missed your positive and happy post.
    I hope all is well again and we can see each other more often :)

    Many hugs and greetings from Denmark,

    1. Thank you Dorthe and it sure feels great to be back again!
      I'm recuperating very well...thank God.
      And I will have visits to the hospital again from time to time but rest assured I will visit you too whenever I can :)
      Take care of you and many hugs from me too!

  6. Hi Ash, lovely to have you back blogging. It has not been a good year for either of us has it. Thanks for your kind words on my own photography

    1. Hello Lindy, I'm praying for both of us to see better days ahead and a good new year.
      Have a good Christmas :)

  7. Dobrze, że już wróciłaś do nas. Mam nadzieję, że zdrowa. Azalia Ci zrobiła piękną niespodziankę. *** Wesołych Świat.
    Well, it has come back to us. I hope that healthy. Azalia you did a beautiful surprise. *** Merry Christmas.


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