Sunday, 16 September 2012

Damsel in Distress

What a lovely surprise!!
This unexpected visitor was spotted in my tiny garden last evening.
As I approached near, it didn't fly away..instead it climbed onto my fingers.. unsteadily

Strange, I thought, then I realized it has a broken wing :(
If you see from the photo below, it is the left wing which had a tear.
Poor fella..cos I really don't know how to deal with this.

It was resting on my Duranta when I took this picture.
I have been reading lots of garden adventures lately on butterflies and admire each one of them. But never thought I would see one in my own garden!

I was about to take more pictures when I turned my back and it was gone! Where did it go?
Did a thorough search in the garden but can't find it anywhere.
Lucky thing there is no "Tom or Jerry" in the house to tear it apart.

Butterflies are such fragile creatures...
Wherever it may be right now, I hope it's in safe hands..Amen.

Thanks to Andrea, Autumn Belle and Lrong for identifying this as a moth.


  1. Maybe it arrived in your garden as a gift, to thank you for your plantings! Once you had seen and enjoyed it, it moved on to thank the next gardener :)

    1. I'm all smiles Rosemary with your beautiful imagination!
      It was a short yet blissful moment :)

  2. It's always wonderful to see butterflies nearby, extra special to have one climb onto your fingers. I also hope it flew to safety.

    1. I couldn't agree with you more.
      It was a truly special feeling which I never wanted to end.

  3. hahaha, that's a part of their life cycle. The design on that one looks like a moth, although its antennae are of butterflies.

    1. I was having the same thought Andrea.
      Maybe Autumn Belle could shed some light on this, I hope :)

    2. Ash, Andrea is right. It looks more like a moth. Also, Andrea's word is better than mine here because she is a scientist and qualified expert in botany and horticulture.

    3. Ms Belle,I feel blessed to be surrounded by friends who not only spend some moments in leaving a comment but also giving expert advice. Being an amateur myself, I treasure them all. Above all, you have been very supportive and helpful to me right from the beginning of my gardening endeavor. And I will never forget that.
      Thanks again Ms Belle :)

  4. Ash, I am with Andrea on this... it looks more like a moth... anyway, it is good to hear that it could still fly away...

  5. I'm with you too Lrong but this is my first experience seeing a moth that big! :-)

  6. It is autumn in insects as well, nice picture.
    Marit of Norway.

  7. Hello Mary,
    Welcome to my garden. So nice to see you here!
    You have lovely blogs and your pictures are awesome.
    We will see more of each other as I will be following you too :)
    Thanks for the lovely comment.

  8. Very strange butterfly! Is it dangerous for your plant?

  9. You are right, Nadezda.
    It is a moth, not a butterfly. Thanks to some blogger friends who identified it.
    I'm not sure if this species is a pest.
    It has a broken wing and I was trying to help it fly again. It did :)

  10. Bella imagen, y espero que al siguiente jardín al quehaya llegado tenga la suerte de tener a alguien que como tu se haya preocupado por él.
    Saludos desde España

    1. Welcome to my garden Victor.
      So nice to see you here and thanks for the lovely comment :)
      Please see the Spanish version, I hope it is correct.

      Bienvenidos a mi jardin Victor
      Muy bonito verte por aqui y gracias por el comentario preciosa :)

  11. Very nice. I love butterflies also. We don't get to see enough of them in our garden.

    1. Hi Victoria,
      Welcome to my garden. Nice to see you here.
      Keep hoping and you will not be disappointed I'm sure :)

  12. What a lovely composition, thankyou so much for calling by my blog and becoming a follower, I am delighted to be returning the compliment.

    1. Thanks to you too Lindy and what a nice surprise to see you here :)
      Welcome to my (little) world.
      You have such a magnificent blog! Beautiful pictures and great adventure. Can't wait to read them all.
      I have always wanted to go to Italy but never had the chance. Your blog is my first step in making my dream a reality :)

    2. I do hope you will continue to enjoy sharing our little piece of Italy with us. I will certainly enjoy reading about your world, the joys of virtual travel. :)

    3. And I will be following you through Facebook now that you're taking a break from blogging :-)
      Take care..

  13. Fabulous and very beautiful picture.
    Thank you for follow my blog - I will also follow your's now!
    Looking forward to do so! Good luck with blogging!

    Have a nice weekend.
    :-) Dorthe Denmark

    1. Hello Dorthe,
      Welcome to my blog!
      It is a lovely surprise indeed to be seeing you here...
      And Thank you for following me.
      Looking forward for more of your wonderful adventures and great pictures :)

      You have a great weekend too.

  14. When you have butterflies, dragonflies and others visiting your garden, it can only mean that your garden is truly one - a haven for the critters and us to enjoy. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. Hello Stiletto,
      Welcome to my tiny world.
      That is one fine lovely way of looking at my garden :)
      Your garden seems to have quite an adventure in there with critters!
      I'm afraid of frogs :(

      Thanks for following me.
      Have a great weekend.

  15. I like this photo!
    well done!)

    thanks for visiting my blog!
    Have a great Day!
    xoxo, Juliana

    1. Hi Juliana, thanks for dropping by.
      Glad that you like it too :)
      Have a good week!


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