Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Epipremnum aureum

Locally known as the Money Plant..

Also known as Devil's Ivy or Golden Pothos in some countries, this is a very, very easy plant to grow.
Be it indoor or outdoor, this plant is very common and popular in most homes in Malaysia.

It's the heart shaped leaves and variegated foliage which makes this plant "irresistible". So easy to grow that it can also survive in water...you can see below that roots are already emerging in the clear glass vase. Frequent changing of water is all that it needs to produce much more foliage.

The picture below shows the half wall which separates my kitchen from my dining room and I am arranging pots of plants here to provide natural surrounding to its ambiance.
The clear glass vase is from Ikea and there are many shapes and sizes to suit your fancy.

This plant do not need fertilizer of any kind. Just soil or water would do. If however, fertilizers are added, the leaves would grow so big in diameter and so does the plant. I have seen the gigantic version! Totally out of proportion that it lost its appeal altogether :(

I love galvanized pots..don't you? It gives such a character to the whole plant :) Also from Ikea.

When I brought this plant home from my office upon retirement, it was a tiny baby plant. But when a good friend, Autumn Belle, shared with me about NASA list of air-filtering plants , I told myself that I must have this plant to grace my house indoors. My husband was suffering from asthma then so having more oxygen inside the home would reduce his discomfort to a great extent.

If only the name, money plant, speaks for itself, we don't need to work to earn a living..LOL!

I have no idea, really, why these plants are named as such. What I do know is that I don't have to burn my pocket to maintain it.
15 September 2012: Ms Autumn Belle shared with me that the Chinese consider this plant as 'Fengshui' in the sense that it brings wealth into the home. How about that? Now it make sense :)

Propagation is very easy for this creeper plant. What I would do is to wait till it creeps out of the pot and cut off that portion and place it straight into water for it to root. After 2 days, roots will show. Wait for a few more days for the new root to establish itself before repotting it into a soil mix. Or leave it in the water and change the water every other day.

No pests problem whatsoever. In fact, I did an experiment by planting the money plant into a pot of diseased plants. Not only were the pests gone, the diseased plants revived and grew new shoots! Try it, you will not be disappointed. Now, this is what I call "money plant"  :))


  1. Any plant that grows, happy and healthy without too much work on our part is a money plant indeed! What a smart way to refresh the air in your home. At the same time its green leaves and beautiful shape (as well as the handsome pots) make it attractive to the eye.

  2. I guess I can't hide my passion for nature living, beautiful greens in every corner and plenty of oxygen/fresh air in my surrounding :))


Thanks for your lovely words...