Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I'm hooked onto succulents these days..
Strange really... I'm so clueless about this group of plants yet I love them :)

Each one of them is so unique yet so beautiful in its own ways.
Simply lovely and gorgeous foliages in its entirety.

Here are my debut collections....for now.
Don't know if I would be able to keep them alive..just yet.
You see..they don't like to be watered or pampered,
"Just leave me alone..!!" attitude.
Okay..okay, I heard ya.

Haworthia cuspidata

 ID Unknown

Haworthia Attenuata

I must say, I fell in love at first sight with  "Haworthia Attenuata" ...
Its white stripe is so intricate and precious that it brings out its whole beauty.
Initially I thought it was in the "Aloe Vera" group because of its 'fingers' or claws.
And sadly... was I wrong! LOL!!

Oh succulents...
Why do you have such tougue-twisting names... :(
Excuse me dear botanists.... nothing personal really.
Just a matter of curiosity.
Or, am I the only one who's having a tough time pronouncing it?!

One important thing to note here is these succulents can't stand direct tropical sun or it will wilt.
It needs very shady area away from the sun.
Best kept indoors..good excuse for me to increase my houseplant collections :)
Maybe in your country zone you would be able to plant them under the sun.

Have a great day everyone and thank you for dropping by :-)


  1. You make these succulents look so beautiful! Not only will they refuse to be pampered but most are rather too slow growing for my patience, but they are special in their own way.

    1. Thanks Karen! Actually I don't really know if they can make it at all under my care..hahaha!
      Never thought of seeing them growing into adult. It will be a miracle if they do!
      But I'm enjoying their presence for now :)

  2. It's always so exciting to start with new plants, so cute in their little pots. I really like the one in your first photo with the triangular shaped foliage. I agree the last one is the most beautiful. For some reason it reminds me of snow-tipped fir trees, probably because winter will be where I live soon and my mind is thinking about snow. I wish you lots of luck with your new plants!

    1. Thanks Rosemary, I need all the luck :)
      Succulents are not that easy to maintain.
      Bingo! I too thought of snow-tipped fir trees when I first saw it.
      Missing my snow days too :(
      (Back then when I was studying in the States)

    2. I agree with you that succulents are hard to grow, I never managed to keep mine alive very long :( Where did you live in the U.S.? Did you like the snow?

    3. I was in Bloomington, Indiana. Love it there and the snow too :)
      I have family members living in North Dakota now. Is it close to your place Rosemary?
      (Sigh..) I have bad news to share. The succulent in the 2nd photo has wilted and died :(
      Too much watering, I guess.
      You just never know how much water is enough for them.

    4. I've never been to Indiana but I've heard it is beautiful. I'm over in Canada, in Quebec. We usually get a ton of snow although lately it hasn't been as snowy or cold as usual. Boooo, I'm so sorry to hear that your succulent has given up the fight already. I'll keep my fingers crossed that at least the snow-tipped one lasts for a long time!

    5. Thanks for your prayer Rosemary and amen to that.
      Weather has been very strange worldwide.
      Hopefully beautiful surprises awaits in your garden :-)

  3. These succulents are real treasure. Always there, always green, never seem to overgrow....!

    1. So true Bangchik but sad to say that the succulent in the last photo is the only survivor right now.
      The first two wilted and died :(
      Over-watered I guess.

  4. Your succulents are so lovely. I am an avid collector of succulents too. The plant in the second picture does not seems to be Agave Attenuata (http://www.thelovelyplants.com/agave-attenuate-the-foxtail-plant/); may be it is some Aeonium.

    I have doubts about the ID of the Haworthia in the first picture as well :)

    1. Hi there!
      Thanks for dropping by.
      I'm totally clueless on succulents. The names were given to me by blogger friends who helped to identify them. I also did a bit of research myself but then again, mistakes happen, especially when I have no knowledge whatsoever :)
      Do you have a blog?
      Would be nice to view your collections :)

  5. Yes, I do blog about plants at thelovelyplants.com

    1. Wow! I'm speechless Mr Aleem :)
      You seem to have the entire species of succulents on your rooftop!
      I have not seen anyone more passionate than this :)


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