Tuesday, 29 January 2013

"I'm walking on sunshine..."

The flower with its unique character and exquisite color collection is now in my garden!

Simply beautiful blue hydrangea.

I can fall in love with this flower over and over again.
Even these unopened buds are adorable, just like tiny blueberries!

It's fascinating to see the gradual change in color hues all in one plant! 
And this blue is about to get purplish in no time. 

It is interesting to note that the colors of the flowers are determined by the pH of the soil.

Alkaline soil produces these pinkish mauve flowers. 

Pinkish mauve has been my all time favorite color and it is wonderful to see it here on the petals :)

Check out the large flower-heads which are quite round and flat, unlike the usual mop-head.

Hydrangeas are not our native plant yet it is cultivated locally as an ornamental plant.
It would be a miracle if I would be able to maintain these temperate beauties till 
each and every flower-head blooms beautifully! 

My greatest challenge is to grow it permanently by my window
which happens to be my garden :)


  1. From my own experience, the ones from Holland that are sold during the Chinese New Year period does not have repeat flowering unlike those cultivated locally.

    1. Oh dear. So what did you do when it stop flowering?
      It could happen to me too :(
      Do know of any place selling the locally cultivated ones?
      Just in case...

    2. Actually those sold during CNY is for the festive period only. I kept mine for about 2-3 years with no results and have to throw them away.

    3. Good thinking!
      I might do the same if I have to!

  2. Ash, am so glad you have hydrangea in your window garden, because I love this plant very much! Of course your Hydrangea grows in a pot and won't be very tall, as mine. But the color...oh, it's great! I know some gardeners that add the chemicals to the soil to have different colors of the plants.I do not so, my plants are natural, white, green and pink.

    1. Oh Nadezda..I love this plant so much!! And I have waited one year for this, can you believe it.
      Didn't know that chemicals are added to bring out the colors!
      Such beautiful colors, who could resist them.
      What you did is right, go all natural, let nature decide the right color for it. Anyway, this is a great plant. Any color is just as beautiful :)

  3. Hi Ash,

    A new post! And a nice one! I also have Hydrangeas in my garden but at this moment only bare branches! Yours are colorful and beautiful! I can imagine you love them! Take good care of them!

    See you!

    1. Hi Willy!
      As it is now, I'm taking great care of this beauty just like taking care a baby :)
      You know, it came all the way from your country, so need to nurture them well.
      I'm pretty sure yours will be blooming soon with lovely colors as Spring is just round the corner.

  4. Uwielbiam hortensje we wszystkich kolorach. Pozdrawiam.
    I love hydrangeas of all colors. Yours.

    1. That is so true Giga.
      They have beautiful colors, hard to resist :)

  5. Wow, you really have to show these two colours off, they are gorgeous. I can never get mine to turn so blue or so pink, in fact, mine did terribly last summer so you have inspired me to put a little more effort into them this spring. I love your photos of the buds, you are right, they look like berries

    1. Oh I just love those 'berries'..reminds me of Smurf :)
      I guess the strength of the sun will deepen the intensity of the color.
      That's what I'm seeing in my garden now. The colors become bolder and I'm loving it!
      It's great that you could have both blue and pink colors in your garden.
      Good soil you have there. I have to agree with you, yes, it's time for you to work on these beauties come Spring. I don't know how long mine can last. So, I'm enjoying it while it lasts :)


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