Monday, 14 January 2013


As it is commonly known,
Are very unique flowers.
Its scent, colors and shape are one of a kind.

Coming from the Verbena family,
Lantana flowers carry a distinct aroma.
Some people don't like it at all.
But I love it.

Buds awaiting to bloom looks like stars..

I chose yellow color to add zest to my garden :)
The broad spectrum of yellow,
From pale yellow to rich, deep royal yellow is outstanding..

With dainty and tiny florets shaped like trumpets.

This bloom has matured.
And its color has turned into rich royal yellow.

I can't resist buying the ones in shades of lilac and pink too.
They look so delicate and pretty.

 Even the 'twinkle star' buds look gorgeous!

And guess 'who' dropped-by while I was busy in the garden..
Little Swallow!!
Looking so fancy in dark 'sunglasses'!!

Since I took pictures of Swallow for my last post,
I see them everyday same time at the same spot.
And ever willing to pose for me :)

I don't know much about birds.
But from my experience,
I must say Swallows are very friendly birds.

Have a good week ahead :)


  1. Hi Ash,

    Beautiful those flowers! Yellow, a very difficult color to make a picture of. Bud you did it well!

    Oh, that swallow, she is like an angel visiting you daily....

    Have a nice day1
    Many greetings from a frozen Holland,


    1. Thanks Willy.
      I wasn't sure myself if the yellow would turn out right.
      Glad it did :)
      You know, I look forward to the swallow's visit everyday..
      Makes me smile just to see it there at the same spot!

      Keep warm.

  2. Lantana has rather pretty flowers. They are a noxious weed in our country, usually with pink flowers around the outer edge and pale yellow in the middle. I like to see swallows too!

    1. Yes Karen, they can be invasive, no doubt about that.
      I'm pruning them regularly.
      Just about enough for decor in a small pot.
      I'm in love with Swallows right now :)
      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. One też u nas są, ale nie zimują w ziemi zimą. Lubię je. Pozdrawiam.
    One of us also include, but are not overwinter in the ground in the winter. I like them. Yours.

    1. Thank you Giga!
      Glad that you love them too :)
      Take care.

  4. Ah, flowers, just what I needed to see! Both colours are beautiful and I would find it hard to choose a favourite between them. Not only have you photographed them perfectly but I love the frames you've chosen, they really make the pictures stand out. As for the little swallow, I think you have a new friend :)

    1. Oh Rosemary, you are so sweet..I am struggling here to be a perfect photographer :)
      And I think I'm on my way there..^-^
      So you noticed the frames!! Made them myself, just changing colors and margins here and there. Glad it worked out well.
      About the flowers..there's more to come!! With vibrant colors and shapes.
      You will be amazed..hahaha.
      And you know what, I agree with you about the swallow being my friend. Now, there's two of them visiting me everyday!! I feel like Snow White, having birds resting on her fingers in the forest :)

    2. Ash, we're all working on getting better and better at what we love! Your pictures are already wonderful :) Congratulations on the frames, I would love to do that to my pics. Did you find them on your blog settings? You made me smile with your reference to Snow White, it's true though, some days when animals seem to single me out, or follow me around, I do feel special in a Disney kind of way.

    3. My dear are truly my kindred spirit!
      We are so much alike :)
      As for the frames,
      I do all my photo editing using this free software at
      I find it so user friendly and easy.
      Try it!

    4. Thanks Ash, I will go and look up this software :) You're right, we are indeed kindred spirits.

  5. Interesting post. I really like it.
    Super blog. Yours. ^ ^

    Have a nice day. ;)
    + Welcome to my blog.
    If you want to put it in your followers.

    1. Hello Patrycja..
      welcome to my blog!
      Nice to see you here.
      I visited your blog. You have a great blog yourself!
      And you are most welcome to follow me too, if you like :)
      Looking forward for more beautiful photos from you.

      Greetings form Malaysia!

  6. Ash, I love your new flower! Especially the pink one, is tender and nice.
    I've read about the program you use for the pictures. Do you like it and can you easy work with it?
    I think this swallow has a nest somewhere near you window and visit often you!

    1. Thank you Nadezda!
      I started using Photoscape since I started blogging and I have no complaints about it. I have not tried other photo editors so I can't compare. Photoscape is easy to use :)
      There are many other colors for this lantana flowers. And I'm trying to get all colors.
      You won't believe this but there are many birds here outside my window. There's bound to be some nests somewhere although I've not seen them :)
      Take care.


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