Sunday, 12 August 2012

Golden Dewdrops

Have you ever laid eyes on this beauty?

It's the Golden Dewdrops! Also known as "Duranta Repens", this is the 'Sweet Memories' species.

I was drawn to it when I first got a glimpse of it at I-Vision Nursery today. Purple is my favorite color and to see it on this tiny clustered flower, is captivating! What's more, it smells of vanilla!

It is a species of the verbena family, Verbenaceae, so that explains the sweet fragrance.
Check out the foliage and its spiny ovate leaves.

The way the flower arranges itself is awesome, blooming like a chain on weeping droopy branches. You can see here those tiny flower buds waiting to bloom.

Just love the pale lavender borders on the edges of each wavy petal.

This plant is actually an ornamental shrub and it can grow up to 5ft tall or taller!
Wow! Can you imagine this purple flowers cascading down when all the flowers on the chain blooms!
Good thing I have the 2-tier flower stand ready at home to put this flower pot on and to savor every moment of its cascade when that happens ;)

Well, one thing for sure I'm not gonna let it grow that tall. Can't spare the space :)
Will be pruning it often to maintain a compact bush and encourage more flowers.

I'm so glad to have encountered this gorgeous flower. All these years my experience of Verbena comes from L'occitane, the French expert on body and skincare :)

Do contact Ms Angie of I-Vision Tropicana Nursery at 019-3866568 for any queries of this lovely plant.

Have a good day and thanks for dropping by!


  1. The flowers are pretty! Hope you get the golden berries coming soon, yeah :P

  2. Hi Ms Belle!
    Can't wait for that:) No sign of it now though.
    Probably after all the flowers have bloomed, berries would appear.

  3. Salam Pn. Ash.

    Wow!..saya amat teruja dgn pkk bunga 'Golden Dewdrops' ni. Saya pernah mendengar pasal bunga ni tetapi tak sangka pulak ia amat cantik apabila ia berbunga. Dengan kecekapan puan mengambil gambar pokok bunga ni...ia membuatkan saya ingin memilikinya. Saya berharap puan dpt 'upload' gambar bunga ni bila 'golden berries'nya dah keluar ye :).Saya tak sabar menanti saat itu.


    1. Wslm Che Rose,
      Teruja? Segeralah ke nurseri Abdul! Boleh ceriakan rumah di hari lebaran apetah lagi dgn keharuman vanilla yg sungguh menawan :)

  4. Ketemu lagi Pn. Ash.

    Tidak disangka ye..setelah sekian lama sy tdk mengunjungi blog puan..byk sungguh perubahan yg tlh berlaku pd blog ni. Sy amat kagum dgn gambar2 yg diambil. Ia amat cantik dan membuatkan sy berasa begitu tertarik dgn pkk2 yg ditanam olh puan.

    Meskipun, berbagai masalah yg puan hadapi ketika mjaga pkk2 bunga yg berada di bawah jagaan puan...puan tetap meneruskan usaha menanam pkk bunga tersebut. Sy kagum dgn sikap puan yg tabah dlm mhdpi segala halangan yg berpunca drp 'pests'.

    Sy pernah mendengar pasal pkk bunga 'Golden Dewdrops' ni tetapi tdk menyangkakan yg ia amat cantik apabila berbunga. Sy berharap puan dpt 'upload' gambar pkk bunga ni apabila 'golden berries'nya sudah keluar kelak. Sy menanti saat itu.

    Sehingga kita bertemu akhiri dgn wassalam :)

    1. Che Ros,
      Nampak gaya mcm awak da lama tak jenguk blog saya ye.
      Rajin2lah datang, dapat juga release tension tengok pkk2 bunga yg cantek.
      Mmg banyak dugaan menjaga pkk apetah lagi saya takde pengalaman sebelum ni. Tapi dgn cara inilah sy belajar mengenal pkk. Pests sentiasa ada tapi Insha'Allah boleh dikawal :)

  5. Salam Ash.

    i x sabar mnnt 'golden berries' muncul drp pkk bunga 'Golden Dewdrops' ni :)

    1. Buat masa ni belom nampak lagi 'berry'nya.
      Saya akan upload bila berry keluar nanti insha'Allah.

  6. nice purple there...looking gorgeous..:)

    1. They are Ms Wanithevan :)
      This purple is quite similar to blue lavender.
      Just looking at them will brighten up my day!

  7. Ash, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to you and family!

    1. Thank you so much Ms Belle!
      I'm hoping so much to be able to see you in person one day so we can celebrate together :)

    2. Ash, with rendang, lemang and ketupat!

      My latest post about how to grow galangal is dedicated to you.

    3. I know!! (*-*)
      Aww..Ms Belle, I'm so flattered and honored!
      Just read it on your blog and responded to it too.
      Thanks again especially for this post as I was about to try growing galangal myself. Will try to plant it soon :)

  8. Replies
    1. Hi Tricia! So nice of you to drop by! I have always loved your blog. Your photos are so heart melting. Very refreshing and beautiful. I never miss a post.
      Hope it's not too late to offer my heartfelt condolence on your beloved Murphy. I believe he's in Heaven and praying for your happiness. Take care.

  9. I came to visit you from Autumn Belle's blog, and I enjoyed reading EVERY single one of your posts.
    I learned a lot of good tips that I will try as well....thanks for the inspiration.
    Happy Blogging!

  10. Hi Virginia!
    So nice to hear from you :)
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment...makes my heart feel warm.
    I'm happy to have inspired you in my own small ways.
    Wishing you all the best!!!

  11. We have one in our front yard which would be over 4m/12' tall, they certainly grow big. They also attract butterflies.

    1. No wonder the butterfly landed on mine :)
      That's a very tall one. Have it produce any berries yet?

  12. This baby is LOVED by the hummingbirds!

    1. Hello Pete. Welcome to my garden. Nice of you to drop by :)
      I have many beautiful birds sitting on the branches of the tree next to my bedroom window. Spectacular view! But no hummingbird so far :(


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