Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pentas or Egyptian Star Cluster

It was love at first sight when I first laid eyes on this beauty. I know right away that I gotta have it.

"Pentas lanceolata"  is my all time favorite flower, tiny yet captivating with heart melting pastel colors. These red ones, which is the boldest among its colors, with a touch of violet in the middle is really stunning.

On close-up, you can see that the leaves are furry yet harmless...and deeply veined.

When I brought it home from the nursery 5 months ago, it was just a tiny plant. I let it grow and get accustomed to my garden for a few months before re-potting it into a regular ceramic pot.
Just look at it now...

I must say, this is one of the easiest plant to grow. Doesn't need much attention at all yet the reward is spectacular. Regular watering and little fertilising is sufficient. No pests problem whatsoever.

Pentas, in my local language means "stage". When mass planting, this plant would truly make a fantastic "stage" in any garden. Great for container gardens too if you mix and match with the other colors. I'm on the lookout for the pink or lilac color to complement this red one. Most probably mix of pink and lilac in a white container :)

Regular pruning of its wilted and spent flowers would produce bushier plant and much more blooms!

I have always wondered why the name "egyptian star". Were they referring to the twinkle star above the Egyptian deserts or their 'curvy' belly dancer..LOL
No offence my fellow Egyptians, just a wild thought ... nothing more.

Have a great day !!


  1. Oh wow! So this is the red pentas with violet centre. Now, I think mine is not read enough, hence I'll be on the lookout ;P

    Oh yah, about the explanation on Pentas and pentas - now it rings a bell! Thanks for the info. I am wondering about the Egyptian Star name too.

  2. Not red enough? Really? I thought there's only one version of red. Oh ya, now I remember. I was shown 2 version of reds at the nursery, one with violet in the center while the other one was white. I chose violet because the color contrast was vibrant and exclusive!


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