Thursday, 25 April 2013

"Ballerina Girl"

Meet my lovely ballerinas.
Standing graciously side by side in their pinkish tulle ballerina skirt.

Ever ready to perform a magnificent show together.
No wonder they are called the "Flamingo Lily".
Love its large dark green heart shaped leaves 

Its flower in pinkish white color is unique.
A welcoming departure from the regular red or white blooms.
This flower  is also known as "boy flower" because of its shape. 
And we can see clearly the reason why...
(no need for further explanation)

When NASA listed this plant as natural air purifiers inside our homes,
I do not hesitate to have one.
Although a lot has been said about it being prone to pest attacks.

Well, we shall see about that, won't we?
Here's to a beautiful weekend ahead :)


  1. Wonderful Ash!

    I like these pinkish white colored flowers!

    Bye bye!

    1. Hi Willy! Good to see you again!
      Thanks for the lovely comments :)

  2. Ash, very pretty plant! I love this pink color of its flowers and the shape of leaves.
    I see you balcony garden is growing, becoming larger.
    I've seen this plant here as inside one. It was wonderful in a large hall.
    Happy weekend!

    1. You are so right Nadezda. My garden is growing and I have to think of ways to accommodate my increasing plants.
      I'm planning on vertical gardening as I don't have much floor space left.
      This is an indoor plant and they make very nice indoor decor indeed :)

  3. I've always love Anthuriums. This particular type readily produces many offshoots which you can propagate. The flowers are plentiful though on the small side.

    1. I tend to agree with you that the flowers are small compared to other colors. Wonder why is that so. But it is a lovely color no doubt.

  4. What a very special plant, Ash. Are the pink bits true petals or leaf bracts , as in Bouganvillea ?

    1. Hello Jane, welcome to my garden! So nice to see you here :)
      The pink skirt is the petal, only one petal for each flower.
      I have no experience on bougainvillea, can't tell much :(

  5. Very pretty, I love the soft pastel pink colour, so soothing. Plus it purifies the air? Great bonus!

    1. Yes Rosemary, this plant is a sure winner anytime :)
      Beauty with brains, lol!!


Thanks for your lovely words...