Sunday, 5 May 2013

Purple Queen

Can't help noticing this fancy queen this morning.
Known as Purple Queen or Purple Hearts.
Either way, they do capture my heart.

I have seen this plant many a times before.
But never with flowers on it.
Those delicate pink flowers with yellow stamens are outstanding.

Just one plant, 
Is all you need for it to spread and 
Makes an excellent ground cover,
In any garden.

And guess what?
They can be planted as houseplants too. 

I took a few shots of this plant 
While standing in line to vote at the polling station.
Today is polling day for Malaysians.

I was down with flu and fever all week.
It was awful staying in bed.
Thank God I'm doing fine already,
And back on my feet once again! 
To share stories of exotic plants around me.

Take care everyone!
Don't get sick, okay :)


  1. Ash, you have another wonderful purple plant!
    It reminded me tradescantia purple, that I grow as houseplant.
    I'm glad you are well now. Take care!

    1. Oh Nadezda, now that you mentioned tradescantia purple, it is the same plant! And you have it in your home! How big is your plant? Are the flowers the same color? Sorry I'm asking you too many questions but it is interesting to know how the plant behave in your country.
      I am recovering now and thanks for your prayers :)
      You take care too. There are many harmful virus in the air now :(

  2. Hi Ash. I have the same Tradescantia here in the uk and I have had it for about 20 years, and taken lots of cuttings from it. They root so easily! Whenever a stem breaks off when it is knocked, I just push it into the compost and it usually grows ! Mine is nurtured through our cold damp winters and lives in a frost free conservatory. It goes on its holidays in the summer, and moves outside, which it loves !

    Glad you are feeling better !

    1. Hello again Jane. Just seeing your comments make me smile so much :)
      So nice to be seeing you again!
      I love purple foliage plants so much and I will look for this plant soon. Such a beautiful and hardy plant indeed. And you have nurtured yours well all these years.
      I am recuperating and thanks for your nice thoughts.
      They are like prayers :)
      I have visited your page and I will follow you..soon!

    2. Hi Ash, as you like purple foliage or flowers like I do, try planting Thunbergia erecta. I planted mine from cuttings. It roots easily too.

    3. Its hearthening to know that you still have the spirit to take snapshots, just after recuperating - a true blue gardener!

    4. Hi Elsie,
      A gardener will be a gardener no matter where they are, don't you think so? I tried planting Thunbergia Erecta but the pest was overwhelming! Had to get rid of it, sadly. I love that flower so much.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that were not feeling well :( This colour of the foliage of this plant is so striking, a Queen indeed. It must contrast well against so many summer plants, nice shape to the leaves as well. Hope you're better soon!

    1. Hi there Rosemary! Sorry for the late reply.
      It's so nice to hear from you :)
      I was having a very bad cough all week. It is subsiding now.
      Thanks for your prayers and I hope to write soon. I can't think straight with this cough 'thundering' my throat and chest :(
      I suppose we do have pretty much collection of lovely foliage plants which I intend to have more growing in my garden soon!


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