Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Show is Over..

"Why, oh Why.."
I was asking this to myself..
My garden got infested, again!!
And this time it was horrible.

It went on a large scale that 
Many of my plants died :(
All my lovely and scented plants gone.
Boo hoo hoo , sob sob.

I'm thinking of giving up gardening altogether.
But it breaks my heart to do so.
As I love gardening so much..

What do I do?
I have been quiet because 
I have not come up with the best decision.

I've salvaged whatever I could..
Quarantined and ICU
Just hope they survive.

I'm missing all you guys very much
My dearest blogger friends.
I just couldn't see myself walking into any nursery
At this moment.
However, I hope to be with you guys again, soon!
If I ever get to sort out this mess.

Care to give a few words of advice?
I appreciate them.

Take care..


  1. Ratuj swój ogród, to najważniejsze.Nie poddawaj się. Pozdrawiam.
    Save your garden, it najważniejsze.Nie give up. Yours.

    1. Thank you Giga for your kind words of encouragement.
      It touched my heart :)
      I will do my best to restore it.
      May God bless you.


  2. I was wondering what happened to you! I could never have imagined you've lost your beloved plants which were the stars of your blog :( Why, oh why, this is so cruel! My advice, because I am lazy, is to start anew. I find it difficult to keep diseased plants healthy. Their enemies are so microscopically small that even if they look like they're gone, they're often not! So, I apologize to my plants, but if you get sick, you're out. (Don't worry I don't feel that way about people or pets :) Sending you fresh courage!

    1. Oh, thank you so much Rosemary for your encouragement!
      You know, I almost threw out all my plants just like you suggested. But on second thought, I was thinking if they can withstand this attack they would be able to survive the next attack as they would have built better resistance in themselves by then. I'm no expert in plant anatomy, believe me. Just a simple analogy I'm applying as if they were humans. Today, I'm seeing positive result as one of the plant flowered!! What a lovely surprise! Even though the flower is small comparatively, it is a sign they are recovering. Am I making sense?

      I love your sense of humor Rosemary :)
      And you are right too, you know about them being microscopically small.
      I figured it is best to re-pot the plants with fresh soil mixed with some "medicine". Phew, its a lot of work but I'm giving it a try. Wish me luck!

      I miss your post too. Those goegeous Spring flowers!!
      Will try my best to catch up on it.

    2. Oh dear, should be spelt as 'gorgeous'. Sorry for typo.

  3. Hi Ash, you got to be 'sabar dan tabah' (don't know whether i;ve got it correct) :) Just a small set back which happens to every gardener who doesn't subscribe to using pesticides or fungicide. I frequently checked the underside of leaves and young shoots. Infested parts are promptly amputated, hacked off, and beheaded without mercy and consideration.

    I also keep away from fussy plants, however gorgeous they might be. So there you are; chin up, grin bravely and soldier on. Let's see some lush plants from you in your next post :D
    Happy weekend to you!

    1. Lord have mercy :)
      Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement Elsie. It did lift up my spirit to reconsider gardening again. You wouldn't believe it, my garden almost gone, only 4 pots left :(
      That was how bad the attack was.

      I'm forced to start applying pesticides now. For sure, I will try to implement your way of gardening from now. Bit hard though but desperate situation calls for desperate measures!
      Enjoy your weekend too :D

  4. Ash,
    I'm very sorry!
    Many plants help each other and if they grow nearby so the pests do not live on such plants (as some species of flies and onion);
    if the disease is of fungi or microbes, I always use fungicides; someone is using soapy water, boric acid, anti-moth, tobacco dust. I believe that if I want to save the plant is necessary to take a strong tool and to spray the plant frequently.
    Do not give up!
    if you've lost a few plants, count that this is your experience!
    Purchase new ones and closely monitor their condition.
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Hi Nadezda! So good to hear from you again!
      It was really bad encounter for me and my plants. I am now applying pesticides on a regular basis and close monitoring. I'm not sure when I will start buying new plants again. Just to make sure my garden is free from pests and my surviving plants becomes strong.
      You are really an experienced gardener. It will take some time before I can become like you.
      Enjoy your weekend too. I hope to visit your blog soon!
      Take care.


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