Friday, 21 February 2014

Spring Onion Coming Up!

Spring onions are probably the simplest herb to plant!
All you need is shallots.
These were the last of shallots in my pantry when I started the experiment.
All dried up and almost hollow inside.
Not much soil left in stock too.
The picture below shows shallots planted in a flat tray.

See what happened the next day.
It got uprooted!

Clearly not a good sign as roots are exposed. 
So I got all four shallots transfered into the smallest round pot that I have.
The intention is to give it some depth so that the roots can reach deeper inside the soil 

The next day, one of the smallest shallots uprooted itself..phew!
(See above picture)
I decided not to disturb it at all this time and just observe the growth.

What do you know :)

You may wonder why each sprouted shallot have different growth rate? me!
I'm as clueless as you are..

The picture above is showing the 4th shallot about to sprout.
Should be seeing some new leaves tomorrow. 

Nice and easy..
Harvesting in a day or two from today :)

In a span of 8 days you would be able to garnish your soup with fresh spring onions straight from the garden.
Plan your time to plant your next batch of shallots
for continuous supply 
in your kitchen :)

It is that easy!
Sow it and you can forget about it..
Maintenance free and pest free!
and truly delicious..


  1. such a quick plant... just 8 days after sowing..

    1. Yes Bangchik! Slightly longer than taugeh :)

  2. Good job with the shallots! I feel your enthusiasm. Looking forward to your next post, hehe.

    1. Thanks Ms Belle! Will keep you posted and do come back :)

  3. Hi Ash!
    Such a sweet comment you left on my blog!
    These ducks really do have cute eyes!
    I love onions but they hate me!! :(
    They are fun to grow though!
    Keep well and enjoy your sunday!

    1. Onions hate you? You mean they make you cry? LOL!
      They make me cry too but I can't live without them!!
      Enjoy your weekend Noushka!
      Nice seeing you here again :)

  4. Wonderful Ash! You have green sprouts for free, I like to eat these green onion leaves with soup, with salad, cucumbers, etc. They have vitamins!

    1. Thanks Nadezda! This is a "must" herb in my kitchen for soups, stews and prawn fritters! Yum..yum!! :)
      Did you say with cucumbers? Now, that's something new. Would you mind sharing the recipe, if it is not too much to ask :)

  5. I concur with you that spring onions are the easiest to plant and so very useful. Any time you need some, you simply take a scissors out and snip some blades. Only trouble is, my son once snipped the leaf blades of the rain lily (zephyranthes alba)!

    1. Oh, oh...did you go outrage? Poor boy..they look the same although not similar. Well, he's not a gardener, one look and that's it! snip..snip..snip..boohuhu :'(
      So, how did you overcome his confusion?

  6. Ja sadzę nie szalotkę, ale zwykłą cebulę i też mam szybko zielone listki. Widzę zmiany na blogu, miłe. Pozdrawiam.
    I plant shallots do not, but a simple onion and also have a fast green leaves. I see the changes on the blog, nice. Yours.

    1. Awww...thank you Giga! You noticed the little changes I made on my blog :)
      Just updating it with Google new gadgets to move with the flow!
      Onions plants are very special, don't you think? They grow tantalizing herbs for everyone's matter where they are in the world :)


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