Friday, 28 February 2014

Takes my breath away..

Flowers are blooming in my garden :)
and I just can't hide the excitement!

You know the feeling...
when the mere presence of a bud, 
is considered significant! :)

There's so much about this "Plumbago Auriculata" that I adore,

its cascading clusters..

its imperial blue color..

which turns to almost white at times..

its soft textured petals in sheer simplicity...

which creates a cottage garden ambiance
to the tiny space by the window of my living room!

and what could be more appealing than that?

Have a good weekend everyone :)


  1. Plumbago is a generous giver too - and very forgiving. We have some in our garden which likes to grow out of control but as you have captured, it does has wonderful flowers.

    1. I like the way you put it "very forgiving" :)
      Time to tame them in a container. Would look just as lovely in them. I plan to prune them into a dense round bush!

    2. Lovely pictures and expressions...took my breath away! (y)

    3. Hey May! You made it! :)
      Welcome to my garden and you know what? There's so many blooming in my garden now but I just can't find any seeds I promised to give you..the ants love them too :(

  2. Wcale się nie dziwię, że się cieszysz, że ten kwiat kwitnie. Są śliczne i mają delikatny kolor. Pozdrawiam.
    I'm not surprised that you're happy that this flower blooms. They are beautiful and have a delicate color. Yours.

  3. Hello Ash!
    nice to see the garden flower again!
    Winter is always too long.

    Please don't feel heart broken about a few ducks being marked!
    This is the only way to study the whereabouts of the species and help them with suitable habitat. It allows for reading the ID from a distance where with rings the bird has to be caught again and again and this is much more stressful for it.
    The nasal mark is absolutely painless and does not prevent them from having a normal life! ;-)
    I really hope my extra explanation has helped you understand!
    Enjoy your evening!

    1. Oh Noushka, you took so much trouble! I understand perfectly why you need to do that to them. It's just me..too soft-hearted :)

  4. Ash, what a nice flower, so tender and lovely! It seems phlox, does not it? I love this color!

    1. They do resemble phlox, don't they? Not the same genus though but you are right about the color and its tenderness! And guess what? They cling to my clothes each time I pass by them :)
      Truly, a loving flower!


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