Monday, 10 March 2014

When "Hairy" met Sally..

Awesome flower!
Too bad I wasn't carrying an SLR when I took this picture
at the Secret Garden.
Couldn't get a good close-up of this flower
and the sun was at its strongest!

Never seen such hairy foliage before.
Believe it or not this beautiful plant is known as
(oh my goodness!!) 
"Hairy Wandering Jew" 

Seriously.. I'm as anxious as you are too!
why or how come? 
Now no offense to the Jews..
it's just a name :)

Simply delicate flowers in soft magenta color
with herbaceous foliage.

If you are not into watering plants so often
get this plant.
Drought tolerant all right
and a definite beauty to add to your garden!

Ciao :)


  1. Ash, when I saw it I thought it was tradescantia, as the flower is very similar. The leaves are funny, hairy:)) What a name is, never heard! Do you want to have it in your garden?

  2. It is tradescantia Nadezda, you are so right!! :)
    I just realized that I forgot to put that name in the post..probably got carried away with the hairy name :D
    At the moment I have not seen this flower in the nursery yet, will surely get it when I see one. Do you have this in your garden?

  3. We have a variety of Wandering Jew in our garden but it's not the hairy sort and it's a weed. Any plant that's low maintenance is a bonus.

    1. Oh my! You are so lucky to have them as weeds.
      It adds and gives your garden an all natural beauty without caring for them :)


Thanks for your lovely words...