Thursday, 20 March 2014

Ornamental Curcuman

First time I'm seeing the flower of this herb

and they look so sweet :)

love the soft pastel lilac color of each petal's end

This is one of the collection of herbs found in the Secret Garden
labelled as Curcurma 'Laddawan'
a horticultural cultivar.

"Curcuma Longa" pictured above is as tall my friend's daughter Sara
who was busy and serious with her so-called routine watering task
in their home garden :)

These leaves are sought after for our local cuisine especially "rendang"
and it is irresistibly fragrant!
Commonly known as turmeric ginger leaves or as
we call it in our Malay language
"daun kunyit"

Speaking of rendang makes my mouth waters..
Gotta cook it!


  1. Ash, I know well curcuma, we use it sometimes for cooking food. I've never seen its flower as well. It reminds me a small fountain: if you pour some water in the upper flower and then water will overflow in the previous and previous flower!

    1. Oh Nadezda..what a nice way of looking at the flower! hahaha!! Now that you have mentioned it I could see the fountain so clearly :)
      I knew the flower resemble something but I wasn't sure until now thanks to you!
      Wow! You use this too in your cooking? Such a versatile herb!


Thanks for your lovely words...